Perfect Bacon Bowl


Everyone loves bacon is what they say.  So how about instead of just eating bacon, you can eat out of bacon too.  Let me introduce to you or remind of ‘ Perfect Bacon Bowls.’  The idea to these bowls is that it turns bacon into a bowl.  You simply wrap bacon around the pre molded bowl shapes and bake.  I admit, this does look pretty cool.  You can make BLT
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Micro Plus Reviews


Like most people reading this page, you are probably looking for a cheap and reliable sound amplifier. As it turns out, most digital sound amplifiers or hearing aids can cost upwards of $2,000.00. This sound amplifier is cheap, it works, you can hear sounds better. However, there are some drawbacks. First, the cheaper sound amplifiers do not filter out sounds. You will hear motors and appliances running. But if you have
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No! No! Hair Removal


Painless, easy, no chemicals or stress.  No No is supposedly the game changer to the hair removal routine.  Makers of No No claim fast, easy and painless stress free hair removal all in a pocket sized cordless device.  No No comes in three different versions.   No No Hair 8800 is a full facial and body hair removal.  No No Hair classic is for body hair only and NO! NO!
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Aqua Rug

Aqua Rug is the rug that holds you in place so there is no slipping in the shower.  The makers compare it to standing on carpeting in the shower.  Its claim is to be stain resistant, dries immediately and lays right over the drain.   Perfect for all ages Aqua Rug has a slip resistant backing so there is no slip and makes you feel safe in the shower.  Claiming
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InstaHang Reviews


First and foremost; I never really had issues with hanging pictures. I find hanging pictures pretty easy. So I was skeptical this product could be revolutionary before the review.  First, it really does replace your hammer, nails, wires and hanging hooks IF your walls are standard drywall.  Second, it is really is easy. Just place and push — and your done.It’s not messy. The Insta Hang system allows you to hang
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30 Second Smile


The 30 second smile is almost self explanatory.  The claim is that in thirty seconds you can achieve a sparkling bright smile and healthy gums.  The toothbrush that has 6 micro-brush heads that surrounds every part of your teeth for a perfect cleaning every time turn brushing time of three minutes into 30 seconds.  It uses the same preferred method from dentists(the bass brushing technique).  The design places the Bristol
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Grassology Grass Seed Review

A great lawn is the way to a better looking home and higher home value, Grassology can get you there… or so they claim.  Backed by Bob Villa, Grassology is a new kind of seed with advanced engineering to make roots grow long and for grass to stay short and fresh looking.  They claim no more mowing, high water bills, fertilizing or weeding once you plant those miracle seeds.  When
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