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Fifty Dollar Buffalo Tribute Gold Coin Review:

The American Buffalo Tribute coin is one of the most popular tribute coins ever released. It is a tribute to the original 1913 Buffalo Gold Coin. For history buffs, it is the purest gold coin ever created. If you had an original; it would fetch you higher than $1,500.00 or more. However, your are not buying an original. And the Gold inside this particular coin is very little -- but it does hold sentimental value. There are a lot (and we mean a lot) of people who like to collect coins, show them off, and understand the history of a 'tribute' coin. If this is your motive--you will not be disappointed. It is a good replica of the original -- and looks and feels impressive. Very few could tell it isn't solid gold.

Does It Really Work?

Like we said; it works in so far as it is for collecting--but is highly unlikely to gain significant value over time.

What Does Tribute Mean? Tribute = Does not equal face value/replica. But I heard that it was .999% pure? In the infomercial they are describing the ORIGINAL and not the TRIBUTE. The original for which they are paying tribute with the coin is pure gold. The tribute is not. But it is distributed by the mint? It is a mint, but it is not the government's mint. They only make replicas.

2012 $50 Buffalo Tribute Coin Value:

“With gold skyrocketing past $1,300 an ounce, price can only be guaranteed for 7 days.” The total value of Gold in the tribute coin is estimated to be from $0.50 to $0.75. What they are saying is that with gold prices increasing; it will cost them more to produce the gold coin. However, with the very little gold in the coin -- Gold would have to substantially increase in price before it does not make business sense to produce. Tricky at best.

Fifty Dollar Buffalo Tribute Gold Coin a Scam?

They are technically accurate in their commercial. However, someone that does not do the research could be fooled into thinking the coin has actual investment value. Our opinion is that it will not ever have any investment value. That being said; it does not mean someone will find value in these coins.

Fifty Dollar Buffalo Tribute Gold Coin Reviews:

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