Atypical Testimonials in Infomercials

Testimonials Are Powerful Motivators However, they are usually atypical -- in some cases blatant scams. People in advertising use a variety of mind tricks to make a testimony more powerful. In addition, a common practice is collect 'paid testimonials.' They do this by paying people to try a product and offer their true feelings on a specific product. The people paid to try to test a product know who is paying them. Therefore, they offer generally good advise. Even if they have a few people who blast the product; they will have countless who are willing to give a rave review. They will document this review and use it marketing materials. This is true in the infomercial world -- as it is with advertising in general. Do not be deceived. How Infomercials Make a Testimonial More Powerful Infomercials will use a variety of techniques to make their message more powerful. Here are some of the common tactics.
  • They Give You Testimonials of People Similar to You -- They have data on who will mostly likely buy their product. They segment this group by race, occupation, age, gender, etc. They will show you testimony of people who are most likely to buy. That is why you will see a lot of 'single moms' on work at home opportunities. In addition, you may see ads like this: Ohio single mom generates millions online. This increases relevance not only by life status but by location. Both these examples increase trust by increasing a feeling a relevance and identification to the product. You should not assume just because people like you have success with the product, that you will.
  • They Give You Testimonials That are Specific -- What sounds more realistic to you: "I lost weight" or "I lost 25 pounds in 31 days." The more specific the testimonial is, the more believable. Our mind tends to take shortcuts in determining trust. If it is more specific, we can paint a picture of something very believable -- we can visualize it better.
  • They Give You Group Testimonials -- They give group approval of the product. Ever notice the huge happy crowd watching a demonstration of the product. It's designed to show you that a group of people like it--you should like it too. The really good ones will make you feel stupid for not liking it. Don't bend to simulated peer pressure.
  • They Give You Testimonials That are Dramatic -- They will show shockingly amazing before and after results. It's really what people want to know it's possible. Acne cleared up in days. Millions made by a brain-dead easy system and poor no more. They are always atypical if they are true.
  • They Will Ride the Wave of Trusted People -- They will float titles that have a trusted part. 5 firefighters said this prevents smoke. 6 nurses we interviewed will recommend to their patients. The list goes on and on...
Last tips: Remember, when evaluating an infomercial, always order products as it relates to you. Do you really need the product and can you really use the product advertised.

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