CuddleUppets Reviews

Cuddle Uppets Review:

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock—you’ve likely seen the infomercial for CuddleUppets on kid’s TV -- it’s the newest craze.

What is a CuddleUppet? A CuddleUppet is a kid’s puppet that’s also a blanket. Think: A pillow pet for the kid with a developing imagination. Actually, it’s could be a bit more. The combo of a cuddly blanket with a cute puppet has the potential to make this your kid’s favorite blanket--maybe even a security blanket. I’m sure we all remember our favorite blanket. If you look closely, the blankets’ corners are paws/hands/feet/etc. This is a minor detail, but makes it more fun for the kids. The Cuddle Uppets come in six different flavors. They include:
  • Poodle (pink)
  • Monkey (purple)
  • Puppy (yellow)
  • Crocodile (green)
  • Elephant (blue)
  • Bear (brown)
Do They Wash Well? It washes very well - use delicate mode and air dry for longevity (your kid may want this for a long time).

Do Kids Actually Use Them? Across the internet message boards some parents are using them for puppet shows and blankets. Others are using the CuddleUppet to help kids fall asleep in their own room. It’s a smaller blanket -- measuring 39" x 28" -- so it’s big enough for small children, but not a full size blanket. If you plan on keeping this blanket in the car or to bring it on a road or plane trip -- it’s the perfect size. Bottom line: If your kid likes to snuggle or cuddle, you’re going to find a use.


  • Inspires imaginative play
  • Soft / washable
  • Could be a security blanket
  • Not a full size blanket

In Stores?

No--it is not available in stores.

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