How to Avoid Infomercial Scams

Dateline NBC went undercover -- inside the world of infomercials -- to find out if they could produce a product that doesn't work. How Renegade Marketers Bring a Product to Infomercials They say 10% of infomercials are produced by renegade marketers. Their goal is to make a quick buck from the least amount of work possible. They do this by focusing all of their efforts on the marketing and coming up with ways to social engineer trust.

1) Find a market with desperate people (people desperately want to lose weight, cure health ailments, cover bald spot). Bonus, if people are afraid to talk about their problem with friends, they will make the decision alone and often on emotion.

2) Hire actors (including doctors) that will vouch and give testimonials for the products. These actors are even fed lines and are often paid.

3) Hire a charismatic host -- someone who can relate to the person and build trust over the time frame to make the pitch to order.

How to Avoid Infomercial Scams
  • Be skeptical - don't trust everything you see on TV.
  • Companies can never claim to cure or treat diseases without a formal review by the FDA.
  • Don't by impressed by big sounding words. It's a trick used to get you to trust and associate the product on higher terms than they deserve.
Publications are made available by the FTC on miracle health claimsweighing evidence in diet ads, and tips on buying exercise equipment.

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