Furniture Fix Reviews

Furniture Fix Pros/Cons?

  • Increases support for sagging furniture
  • Adjustable to fit most furniture sets
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Must buy multiple sets

Furniture Fix Review:

"The couch did not sag or sing with 1000 lbs of sumo." Aside from the comical tagline; several people have reported decent results with 'Furniture Fix.' A cashier from Bed Bath and Beyond said people are buying them in droves. Those who buy them end up coming back for more. This is because one set is enough for a single chair. You'll need to buy two for a love seat.

You'll need to buy three for a standard couch. That being said; people who buy one and test it out -- come back for more. It works to stop the sagging -- but is it comfortable? I found this review video below -- it does make it more firm; and you can't really feel the interlocking parts. It makes the couch more firm and stable.

  Watch: Alright -- it may be worth the $15.00 -- or $45.00 for a standard couch. However, you may be able to fix the sagging couch by putting cardboard under the seat -- or even buying a quarter-inch thick piece of plywood (just round the corners and size accordingly) and put under the cushions. These alternatives might work just as well and may be cheaper. That aside; the bottom line is this: Yes, it will work. However, you will have to buy multiple sets to fix a couch.

Furniture Fix, Does It Really Work?

Yes it works; However, you will have to buy multiple sets for a full couch. Furniture Fix In Stores: You can buy furniture fix at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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