Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT Review

Georges "RUSH" St-Pierre is known for his explosive style and elite fitness and conditioning. The claim is you will get ripped on GSP RUSHFIT. The program is an 8 week training camp. You work though intense full-body workouts that will burn fat, build muscle and get you ripped.

Bottomline: Buy it if you want to lose weight/get ripped and find MMA style training enjoyable. Warning: The workouts may be intense.

RUSHFIT Pros/Cons?

  • Workout is actual training and challenging.
  • Very complete program and total body workout.
  • Motivational.
  • Does not require a lot of space or equipment.
  • Cannot turn background music off to have voice only.
  • Training can be complex; moves like the 'Turkish' may be to complex for beginners.

From the Infomercial:

 Train with Georges St-Pierre and learn the MMA strength and conditioning strategy that's made him one of the fittest athletes on the planet. GSP uses RUSHFIT to train for the most challenging profession in sports – MMA Fighting. You can use it to change your life. This MMA conditioning program gives you firsthand access to the secret training approach of a champion – intensity! No matter what your fitness level, working out 45 minutes a day will help you perform, feel and look better than ever. Everything you need to build muscle, lose weight and get in shape is included in this complete 8-week workout program. When you’re RUSHFIT you’ll crush your next opponent, whether it’s your waistline or the next welterweight.²

RUSHFIT Features & Benefits:

RUSHFIT is an 8-week training program on 6 DVDs: The main feature and benefit is that you can get ripped while you learn the secrets used by the toughest MMA fighter on the planet. These 7 high intensity workouts are designed to:
  • Build endurance
  • Increase core strength
  • Add muscle power
  • Burn calories
RUSHFIT channels MMA-style conditioning to get the results. This product is highly recommended if you like MMA style training. This is because workouts that are more enjoyable for you lead to a greater chance that you will continue working out.¹

RUSHFIT, What Do I Get?

The 8 Week Training Camp Includes:
  • 6 DVD set - includes 7 GSP RUSHFIT workouts.
    • Strength & Endurance
    • Abdominal Strength & Core Training
    • Fight Conditioning Workout
    • Explosive Power Training
    • Full Body Strength & Conditioning
    • Balance & Agility + Stretching for Agility
  • Workout guide - step by step guide that will help you during the 8 week program; organize your goals based on your fitness level.
  • Nutrition guide - Helps you select the best nutrients to boost your performance and get you the fitness results you desire.
  • Training plans - Select a training plan based on your experience level: beginner, intermediate and advanced).

RUSHFIT, How Does It Work?

This workout is done in five high intensity segments. The workouts use low weight dumbbells and a high amount of repetitions (reps). The workout also does not give you a lot of rest between segments. This means you will keep your heart rate up. You will lose weight, gain strength and fight fatigue (endurance). The program trainer is a guy named Eric. For those who like to learn, you will enjoy the fact that he does not over simplify or use generalizations. He takes the time to explain the complex processes and how it relates to specific body mechanics.

RUSHFIT, Does It Really Work?

Yes the program works -- if you follow the program and nutrition guide. Will it work for you? That depends on how motivated you are. Those who find the greatest success are those already interested in MMA style training. This is because the workouts will be enjoyable for you and you have a greater chance of completing the entire plan.

Customer Service Number for RUSHFIT?

Contact RUSHFIT customer service for free assistance at or by calling toll free 1-866-787-4348.

What Equipment Do I Need with RUSHFIT?

In order to fully complete the program, the only equipment you will need is a small collection of dumbbells or hand-held weights. The recommend range of weights is 2lbs to 25lbs. The program is built around building your endurance with a high amount of reps -- therefore, you will unlikely need more than 25lbs -- even if you have been lifting weights your entire life. How Much Space Will I Need? There is a lot of jumping around -- jumping forward and backward -- so you will need adequate space to jump back and forth. We realize that this may require more space in your home than other workouts that permit you to stand in place. As a general rule, you will need to clear out most of a room to complete this workout.

Who is Georges St. Pierre/Erik Owings?

Georges St-Pierre (born May 19, 1981), often referred to as GSP, is a Canadian mixed martial artist and the current Welterweight Champion of the UFC. St-Pierre is ranked as the No. 1 Welterweight in the world according to Sherdog, MMAWeekly and numerous other publications. St-Pierre is ranked the No. 2 pound for pound fighter by ESPN sports, Yahoo! Sports and Sherdog. In 2008, 2009, and 2010 he was named the Canadian Athlete of the Year by Rogers Sportsnet.³ Erik Owings is one of GSP's trainers and owner of the Mushin Martial Arts Academy in New York. He spent two years training in Brazil.


  1. Is it the real deal? Does Georges St-Pierre really do this type of workout? Yes. Erik Owings is his personal trainer and they really do this type of workout. In GSP's own words: "A lot of programs lie. This is legit."
  2. Who is GSP Rushfit for? It's for anyone wanting to lose weight, get in shape or condition the body for MMA.

RUSHFIT Reviews:

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  • Where Can I buy Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT in stores? Which stores carry them?
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  • Do you think Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT is a scam?
  • Do you think the Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT commercial is mis-leading?
  • Did you have to pay extra for other accessories?

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