Infomercial Shipping and Handling Scams

The Truth About Shipping & Handling Fees

Fact 1: Infomercial producers know that prices for the product, the more they sell. So they try as very hard to give you the cheapest price possible for the base product. However, they also would like to pad their profits. They do this by adding on--sometimes excessive--shipping and processing. It's a way to add more money to your order after you already decided to buy.

Doubling Down

A common tactic used by infomercial producers is to double down your shipping and handling. They do this by offering you a bonus item for free. What they are not completely upfront about is the fact that you have to pay an extra shipping and handling charge for the bonus. Sometimes these charges are as much as the product itself. I've heard of a few cases where they offer three or four bonuses per order, and charge you over $50 in shipping and processing fees. Also, some companies will try to upsell products to you when you order -- add related, but different products to your order. These extra products often carry their own shipping and handling prices. Since they are an entirely different product, they may have a higher shipping and handling fee than the original product. Buyer beware.

Shipping Not Included in Money-Back Guarantee

In addition to doubling down most mail order outlets (infomercial companies included) will not refund the shipping and handling if you return the product. Before you buy online or over the phone, you should verify that these charges are refundable. If not, you'll end up footing the bill -- and in some cases you'll end up paying to send the product back.

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