Justice Coin Reviews

Justice Coin Pros/Cons?

  • Commemorates historic events
  • Only gold plated

Justice Coin Review:

Please read our general gold coin buying page -- as it contains important information you should read before purchasing any gold coin.

The commercial is heartwarming. It evokes the emotions we all felt on several historic days. That is where this coin derives it greatest value -- sentimental value -- to commemorate historical events. Bottom line is this: If you want it to have something to remember these historic events, it's probably worth it to you.

Justice Coin, What Do I Get?

With this special TV offer, you'll receive 1 Silver Layered Justice Coin and 1 Gold Layered Justice Coin, 2 Acrylic Capsules, 2 Certificates of Authenticity AND the U.S. Navy SEAL Creed for ONLY $19.95 plus $7.95 S&P. But WAIT - we'll also include the military briefing packet and gold lapel pin for FREE, just pay separate $9.95 shipping and processing fee. An incredible value! Order Your Justice Coin Special Offer Today and Get:
  • 1 Gold Justice Coin
  • 1 Silver Justice Coin (Free)
  • 2 Acrylic Capsules (Free)
  • 2 Certificates of Authenticity (Free)
  • U.S. Navy SEAL Creed (Free)
Plus Get These Bonuses Free!
  • Military Briefing Pack
  • Gold Lapel Pin

Customer Service Number for Justice Coin?

Can I buy Justice Coin in Stores?

No, the Justice Coin is not available in stores.

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