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Millionaire Memory Review:

If you want to increase your memory -- you can now learn from the Guinness Book of World Record holder for memory: "Farrow memorized 59 separate decks of cards, for a total of 3,068 cards. This skill comes in handy when needing help at work, poker, blackjack, or even simple things such as remembering where you left your keys or the name and phone number of that person you met yesterday." Most memory training systems are often labeled ineffective. Not this one. We like this one because it is a brain filing system. (Think of it as a set of rules you follow when you get new information.) It is similar to a memory schedule, but not as complicated. (The founder of this system was diagnosed with ADHD). You do have to put some effort into learning this new 'filing system.' It's not a read-once-and-your-done type of program. However, once you do you can expect greater success.

Memory is Important to Success "The ability to increase memory in a particular domain is at the heart of a wide range high-level performance, said Dr. Herbert Simon, professor of computer science and psychology at Carnegie-Mellon University and a Nobel laureate. Dr. Ericsson was part of a team studying expertise led by Dr. Simon." "Every expert has acquired something like this memory ability" in his or her area of expertise, said Dr. Simon. "Memory is like an index; experts have approximately 50,000 chunks of familiar units of information they recognize. For a physician, many of those chunks are symptoms." (1994, Why Records Fall).

From the Infomercial:

If you're like most people, you're constantly forgetting things. People's names. Where you put the keys. Even things you read just moments before. Your mind is like a cluttered attic with information tossed everywhere and little hope of finding anything quickly. But with my breakthrough memory program, you can create a mental filing system that not only categorizes and organizes information, but also lets you retrieve it instantly, whenever you need it! Who am I? I'm the world's foremost expert on memory and a two-time Guinness World Record holder. My program is called Millionaire Memory, and it's designed to teach people like you to do what I can do - remember the names of people I met only once, always know where I put important objects like my keys, recite whole passages from books I've recently read, word for word, and so much more. Using my techniques, hundreds of people like you are learning new languages, memorizing important scriptures and quotes, and even improving their vocabularies. In fact, to prove my techniques are easy and effective, my program teaches you to double your reading speed in just one hour! Using my breakthrough visualization techniques, I've trained thousands of corporate executives to excel in business, helped military officers and government agents remember critical pieces of information and even taught Academy Award-winning actors how to avoid blowing their lines!

Millionaire Memory Features & Benefits:

  • Never lose your car keys or other valuables again
  • Get people's names right every time, and avoid embarrassment
  • Quote scripture, famous people or even song lyrics perfectly
  • Pick up new languages in mere weeks
  • Ace exams by retaining everything you study
  • Deliver flawless speeches and presentations from memory
  • Impress people with your mental rolodex of phone numbers

Millionaire Memory, How Does It Work?

It's a system. It trains your brain to file items by association and other techniques. It does take effort.

Millionaire Memory, Does It Really Work?

Yes. The promotional videos may exaggerate how quickly you can do it as it requires dedication to learn the techniques; but the overall principles have been

Millionaire Memory, What Do I Get?

It has 4 or 5 CDs; plus a workbook:
  • Basic Memory Techniques
  • Languages and Tools
  • Names and Faces
  • Memorizing Numbers
Some versions come with a free speed reading course.

Customer Service Number for Millionaire Memory

Customer Service is available Monday through Friday 6am to 6pm PST. Phone: 1-888-647-0403

Millionaire Memory Pros and Cons

Pros: techniques are relatively simple, easy. Works. Cons: clumsy techniques may seem odd at first.

Millionaire Memory Reviews

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