Sift and Toss Reviews

Sift & Toss Pros/Cons?

  • Quick easy
  • Works well if you have multiple cats
  • Reduces amount of time cleaning litter
  • Keeps area around litter cleaner
  • Disposable liners are flimsy

Sift & Toss Review:

It's a chore to clean the cat litter--especially if you own multiple cats. The Sift & Toss is designed to help you clean faster; as well as help you save on cat litter. It does this because sweeping and scraping the cat litter often makes a mess. With the Sift & Toss all you have to do is lift, sift and toss the disposable liners. The liners have a mesh that lets the litter pass though; but keeps clumps.

Does It Work?

It works. The liners keep the litter clean; and you'll definitely save time if you have multiple cats. On the other site; since they are disposable, they are a little flimsy. In addition, you will have to order more if you get 'addicted' to them. Some people have reported that it does not sift urine clumps as well. I have heard others say that the liners are either too small; or too big. It's not a problem if you have a standard size liner. The other thing you can do is search for alternatives - I know I have seen Jumbo sizes and small sizes listed. Bottom line: Experiment. You may be pleasantly supervised that you need to change your litter box with less frequency using this new system. But it's not for everyone. If you don't have any problems with the situations mentioned above; you should do fine.

Sift & Toss Features & Benefits:

  • Fast, convenient litter pan clean-up
  • Allows for 36 litter changes with daily use
  • Enjoy a fresh litter box everyday
  • Extends the life of your litter by over 50%
  • 14 nested liners
  • One size fits all
  • Inexpensive option
  • Easy to clean, works fast
  • No mess, no hassle, no scooping
  • Clean litter filters through
  • Just Sift and Toss

Sift & Toss Reviews:

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