Slim Away Reviews

Slim Away Review:

Claim: Slim away claims to compress your waist and makes you look slimmer in an instant. Normally we do not recommend products that promise spot reduction of fat. However, this product doesn't actually claim to melt fat -- it just hides it for appearance purposes. It's like a modern day corset -- and depending on how much excess weight you want to hide -- it may be uncomfortable. That being said, it may be a good investment for a job interview where you can instantly lose weight and where you do not have to wear it for an extended period of time.

From the Infomercial:

 Slim Away™ takes inches off your waist to make you look slim instantly! And nobody can tell you're wearing it! It works for everyone- size 50 down to size 30. Slim Away™ provides great back support, and you can even use it while you exercise to shed water weight faster! Slim Away Adjustable Slimming Garment Get slim and trim instantly! For men and women- fits up to a 50" waist. Now you can look slimmer instantly. Just zip on Slim Away to tighten your belly and waistline. The Evaposlim fabric can help you shed water weight quickly and as your problem areas shrink, simply use the 5 zipper closures to adjust the size. You can even use it under clothing for an instant slimming effect. Fits waistlines from 22" to 50". You will love the new Slim Away. Features: Evaposlim fabric seals in body heat to help you lose water weight Wear under clothing to look slim instantly Provides back support 5 Zipper closures adjust as you lose weight Includes: 1 x Slim Away Adjustable Slimming Garment

Slim Away Features & Benefits:

  • Get slim and trim instantly!
  • Fits under clothes - hard to notice.
  • Fits waistlines from 22" to 50".
  • Smooths bulk around your waist for a smooth look.
  • The Evaposlim fabric can help you shed water weight quickly and as your problem areas shrink.
  • 5 zipper closures to adjust the size.
  • Provides back support.

Slim Away, How Does It Work?

The slim away is an adjustable slimming garment. Just slip it on and adjust the garment to hold in the weight. Watch video above for demonstration.

Slim Away, Does It Work?

Yes, it works at instantly slimming your waist. However, like we said some people have reported that the garment is uncomfortable depending on how much weight you are trying to hide. Their claim that it removes water weight does not work for everyone. We don't recommend buying it for water weight loss. However, we recommend you buy it for the instant slimming benefits.

Slim Away, What Do I Get?

  •  1 Slim Away Garment

Customer Service Number for Slim Away?

1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM o 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time) We want to thank you for your order and remind you that 48 hours after purchasing your order, the order status can be tracked. For your convenience you can now track your order status on-line by visiting To get your tracking information, just enter Billing Phone Number or your Zip Code and Last Name.

Slim Away Tips?

Does the Slim Away belt help me lose weight? It sure does. You'll lose that water weight faster when you have the Slim Away belt on during your workouts.

Can I wear it under my clothes comfortably? Yes. The Slim Away belt fits under your clothes for a comfortable fit. It won't even be noticeable to others you are wearing it!

Is it hard to move around when I am wearing the Slim Away belt? Not at all. It wraps around the midsection of your body without hindering movement. This makes it very effective to wear while exercising or for other activities.

Help! I placed my order and somehow managed to order more than I wanted. How can I change this? The solution is easy. Call our toll free customer service number (which can be found on the "Contact Us" page) and speak to a customer service representative. Be ready to give them your telephone number, last name and zip code. This information allows them to find you in their system and look up your order. (In some cases, they will need the credit card that you used to make the purchase to find the order, so have that available too.)

When will the Slim Away be available in stores? The date for retail release is still uncertain. As soon as it is released to stores, consumers will be notified through the social media profiles and blog.

Slim Away Pros/Cons?

Pros: Instant way to lose weight that works. Cons: It may be uncomfortable depending on how much visible weight you want to hide.

Slim Away Complaints

We have reports of people having trouble receiving timely orders from their website.

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