Slushy Magic Reviews

Slushy Magic Review:

I saw this infomercial for the slush magic tonight. I had to buy it. It seems awesome. Basically the slushy magic super-freezes any drink in about two minutes. It works. My favorite to make is actually chocolate milk. It kind of resembles a frosty from Wendy's (not as thick, but probably healthier).
From the Infomercial:

Slushy Magic is easy to use - all you have to do is freeze the magic cubes in the freezer, place them into your Slushy Magic cup, pour in your drink, and shake to make your slushy! Then you rinse the cubes in warm water when you're done and put them back in the freezer to get them ready for your next drink.

Slushy Magic Features & Benefits:

The main benefit is that your kids can make slushy drinks without adult supervision. They do not need to work a blender. All they do is throw ice cubs into cup, add their favorite drink and shake. Since they can drink right from the cup, you do not have to worry about a huge mess. The ice cubs are BPA-free --- they are non-toxic --- so they are never a danger to your children. While the cubes are not dishwasher safe, you wall all other parts in the dishwasher. You cannot use this with alcohol. This is because alcohol has a lower freezing temperature than water based drinks. Carbonated drinks also do not do that well because when you shake carbonated drinks, explosion.

Slushy Magic, How Does It Work?

Slushy magic works by freezing any drink into a slushy. The secret is the 'magic' ice cubes included. They are plastic cubes that contain salt water. It works because salt lowers the freezing temperature of water. So these ice cubs are much cooler. When you put it inside the bottle and shake -- it makes a slushy. (It kind of works the same way and home-made ice cream machines work. Since the ice cubes are in plastic, the process does not add any more water to the slushy. (It does not water down the substance).
Slushy Magic, Does It Really Work?

A lot of people say it works. There are some that don't. The difference is how hard and long you shake it. It is best to give it to kids to really shake it up (hey, it's a mini workout). Let them go for 2-3 minutes or longer until it morphs into a slushy. The process works -- if it doesn't you are not shaking hard or long enough. In addition, make sure that you freeze the cubes completely. In this review, the family did not freeze the cubes totally and you can clearly see the cubes were not completely hard when they attempted to make the slushy. 

Slushy Magic, What Do I Get?
- 1 Magic Shaker 
- 3 magic cubes
- 1 magic spoon straw
- drink guide.
What Drinks Work With Slushy Magic?

Slushy Magic works best with Juices, sodas, energy drinks, chocolate milk and non-alcoholic drinks that contain some natural sugar. 

Customer Service Number for Slushy Magic?

Customer Service Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST -- If you have questions about your order, please contact us at 877-601-9120 or via e-mail at
Slushy Magic Tips?

Make sure you shake it for at least two minutes. Again, if you are not creating a slushy you are not shaking long enough or hard enough. 

Can I buy Slushy Magic in Stores?

I saw it on so you do not need from the infomercial.
Slushy Magic Pros/Cons?

Pros: Safe for kids, kids can use it because no blender necessary, reusable, does not water down drinks. Cons: You have to manually shake, carbonated drinks can overflow.
Slushy Magic Reviews:

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Did you have to pay extra for other accessories? 

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