Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Reviews


• Keeps shape
• Pillow stays cool
• Helps pain

• Initial smell


With over 2.3 million pillows sold--we had to review the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow.
There are many reasons people do not get a good night's rest: Stress, neck pain, back pain, etc. The infomercial says their pillow can end sleepless nights. But does it really work?o

Claim: Sleeping on a sea of clouds. Verdict: Yes--the pillow is very comfortable. You fall right into it and it maintains shape. It is a rather unique experience you have to try to truly understand. It isn't like conventional pillows.

Claim: Helps with pain. Verdict: Yes--the pillow itself is gentle. It is slightly contorted for optimal alignment and healthy sleeping positions. In addition to the shape there is another benefit. You can put the pillow in a bag and put it in the freezer. I hurt my back bowling one day. I did just that and it alleviated the pain until I could start walking again. That feature alone is worth it.

Claim: The last pillow you'll ever need to buy. Verdict: It is a good pillow. I hate bunching pillows up in the night to sleep. The way these air beads shape the pillow prevents me waking up to readjust the pillow and bunch it up. It just works. I got a restful nights sleep. It may be the pillow I use all my life. But I think there comes a point where pillows get so dirty they merit replacement. I don't know yet how it washes. When the need comes, I will update this review. But I expect the pillow to last a long time before it needs replacing.

Features & Benefits:

The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is a unique micro-air bead pillow that offers the greatest in sleeping comfort and support. It uses over 10 million micro-air beads to give personal contoured support, cooling comfort airflow, and head and neck support. It helps support your neck, shoulders and upper back, helping to promote sounder sleep. Use when driving for lower back support, while watching TV, under your knees or while doing yoga. For headaches or neck spasms, place it in the freezer for a cooling effect. The pillow is unique because:
  • Unique crescent shape follows the contours of the head and neck
  • Maintains shape and support — stop "fluffing" and flipping pillows
  • As you move, the ten million air beads move with you for comfort and support
  • Maintains its shape sleep after sleep for long-lasting value

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