SP Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Reviews


  • Safe and Scientifically researched
  • 1 on 1 monitoring by medical staff
  • No physical exercise
  • Discourage "ready-made" meals to lose adequate weight


The Serotonin Plus Weight Loss system is the only affordable system for everybody and anybody out there struggling with weight loss.  This easy 12 week system will be engineered for you.  You personally have a counselor who will answer any question you need.  From what to eat to "what if i missed a dosage of Serotonin".  With this System you don't have to exercise, don't have to restrict yourself from eating out, and  you don't have to worry about gaining weight while doing this. Similar programs cost as much 1,200 dollars but with this jam-packed system you are getting all that for an affordable price.  In addition most members re-bought  the product after the first 12 weeks to lose even more weight. It's not for everyone. This program relies heavily on supplements and a continuous supply. The price can add up over time.

From the Infomercial:

Frustrated on where to start or every other diet has just failed?  through Serotonin Plus Weight Loss System you have the aided support of a medial staff on hand.  To answer any questions you have.  This System will be individually designed for your surroundings and for most importantly, you.

Features & Benefits:

  • Exclusive use of the unique, patented Serotonin-Plus Weight Management.
  • Formula to curb carbohydrate cravings.
  • Will end your frustration of spending money on “yo-yo” diets.
  • Unlimited email access & support from a dedicated, empathetic Serotonin-Plus team counselor.

How Does It Work?

When your serotonin level dip, you may experience depression, anxiety, or craving for carbohydrates.  The Serotonin Plus Weight Loss System is not only designed for you but helps you curb  your appetite to banish unneeded  carbs that make you gain weight. In addition you have expert help on what to eat and supplements to help you stay away from bad foods you don't want to eat.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, after many upon many successful testimonials.  Common results have lost 10-20 pounds.  In addition many testimonials say they are now repulsive to all junk food.

What Do I Get?

  • Serotonin Plus Weight loss System
  • Personal Membership
  • Personal Counselor
  • Constant Membership Support

Customer Service Number?

With a membership you may receive a number to call for personal 1 on 1 help.  Non members must use the email below
  • info@spdiet.com

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