Sticky Buddy Review

Sticky Buddy Review:

Update: People are getting postcards when they order that it is currently on back-order. Some people have already waited a month when they were notified it would be an additional 30 days before they will be able to ship your order.

If you think cleanliness is next to godliness—this review is important. If you have a pet--this review is important. If you like clean and tidy spaces--this review is important.

What is the Sticky Buddy Lint rollers have been around for ages. But the Sticky Buddy is a washable, reusable, sticky lint roller. It is designed to remove dust/crumbs/lint/dirt/dandruff/etc. from any place. It works because the roller is made of a special silicone gel. This gel is sticky when dry. But when you run water over the sticky buddy, it becomes slippery and junk falls off. (Also see our Schticky Review -- a similar washable lint roller).

Does the Sticky Buddy Really Work? Most junk rinsed off quick, like you see in the infomercial. It does pick up stuff from any surface. It does clean with a quick swipe under the facet. However, there is one item that does not rinse off so quickly: Hair. You have to work at it a bit for all the hair to come off with water. However, I find if you immerse the sticky buddy underwater, hair comes off very easily.

Biggest Benefits That being said: The biggest benefit for me is that the Sticky Buddy picks up hair. (This goes for human hair and pet hair). The problem I have is hair getting stuck in the rollers of my vacuum cleaner. I end up having to 'cut' out the hair every few weeks from the vacuum. Now, after I blow-dry my hair, I do a quick sweep with the Sticky Buddy. Hair is gone. My vacuum is free. I also enjoy the Sticky Buddy because it works on hard surfaces. This means after I serve sandwiches--I can roll the sticky buddy on the table--and crumbs are gone. I don't have to find a clean towel, get it wet, white down the table and wait for it to dry. (Not that it is a huge problem to do it, but anything to make cleaning quicker and more efficient wins in my book). The Sticky Buddy has hundreds of uses. Use it in your car if you get a lot of fast food. Use it at your desk if you eat by your desk. (I'm sure you'll find your own). The product comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you can't find a good use--just return it.

Claim 1: Picks up light debris: Pet hair, dust lint. TRUE--Yes, picks up anything and everything with remarkable ease.

Claim 2: No sticky residue. TRUE--absolutely no residue.

Claim 3: “Rubber fingers” work out dirt from the carpet. MAYBE--It works some stuff out--mainly lint/debris--but I don't see dirt.

Claim 4: Rinse and reuse unlimited times. TRUE SO FAR--This is important for price conscious people. If the sticky buddy can illuminate the need to buy lint rollers—over and over again—it is a winner. It is a new product. I'll update this review if I find out otherwise.

Claim 5: Safe on all fabrics. TRUE SO FAR--I've tested in on a variety of fabrics and surfaces and it's worked great.

Claim 6: $10.99. It is $10.99 for the basic set, excluding shipping. Adding up all the numbers, this promotion comes to a grand total of $24.97 ($10.99 for the product + $6.99 (shipping & processing for first set) + $6.99 (shipping & processing for “extra" bonus)). You can opt-out of the free extra offer for a reduced cost. (See website for details).

Sticky Buddy Pros/Cons?

  • Clean and rinse instantly and easily
  • Clothes get a crisper look instantly
  • Saves money by not using disposable rollers
  • Some materials take an extra effort to rise off

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