Stompeez Review

Stompeez Review:

The slippers are cute and adorable. However, due to overwhelming demand, the company does not enjoy good reviews online. Many have reported delayed shipments of the product -- as far as we can tell, you should expect 2-4 weeks for delivery. Please plan accordingly. We do not want you to order and expect it by Christmas. We did call a few people that ordered. They do have a back order situation; but all of the people we contacted are getting assistance to the best of their ability. In addition, our search online turns up more information that suggests the company is trying to correct any and all problems.
"UPDATE- SEE POST 28. Stompeez went out of their way to make things right for us. I'm no longer "warning" anyone, except about the backorder issue which you may have to deal with due to the demand for these slippers. DD is now sporting a pair of Stompeez which she would wear everywhere if we let her, and they fit fine (enough) and work perfectly. They are adorable. We may even order another pair."²
It is not a scam, but understand that due to overwhelming demand they have a huge back-order issue. On their website they have this message: 
"Due to overwhelming demand, All orders placed after December 5th, 2011 can not be guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas."

From the Infomercial:

Stompeez™ are the comfy fun slippers that will leave your kids eager to take their shoes off at the door! They will be Stomp, Stomp, Stomping their way to fun in no time, because with each stamp of the foot, Stompeas reveals the playful Stompies character on the face of your slippers. Stompees are colorful! Stompeze are soft! Stompese are fluffy! Stompiez are also built to last and provide many stomping fun nights! Don't miss getting your Stompes while supplies last. Order your favorite Stomppeas pet today and we'll deliver them right to your front door. Remember, Stompys are not available in any retail store! Stompez, "the slippers with Personality"!¹

Stompeez Coupon Code:

We do not know of any coupon codes.

Stompeez, What Do I Get?

You get slippers. Select a style:
  • Growlin' Dragon
  • Be-Bop Bunny
  • Unusual Unicorn
  • Perky Puppy
  • All Blue Puppy
  • Peek a Boo Kitty
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