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Super Wave Oven Pros/Cons?

  • Cooks frozen food (no need to defrost)
  • Cooks food fast and quick
  • Cooks food healthy
  • Cooks food and keeps flavor
  • Size (you will need an extra cubic foot of space)
  • Weight (It's 17-18 Lbs)
  • Gets hot

Super Wave Oven Review/Does It Work?

The Super Wave oven asks you to 'taste the difference.' What is this difference?

How it Works Taste the difference faster: The wave oven is 1300 watts of power and claims to cook food three times faster. It works by combining halogen heat, convection and infrared technology. You can also cook the food frozen (no need to defrost). You can cook multiple foods at the same time. The 3x faster claim: It does cook 3x faster for some foods. However, we found that it only cooks 2x faster for larger meals. So please plan accordingly -- oh -- it actually does cook 3x faster if you take into consideration pre-heating time for the other ovens.

With this oven there is no pre-heating. Keep flavor: The combination of halogen/convection/infrared is designed to help keep foods moist on the inside and browned/crispy on the outside. Healthy: All this is done without extra fats or oils. All this is good. However, it is a heavy and space consuming item. You will need at least of foot of counter space. Also, it gets hot. You cannot put it in the reach of children, so more space may be required if you have little ones. We highly recommend this if you want to cook food quick and fast -- do not worry about defrosting -- and have space adequate for your needs.

Super Wave Oven Features & Benefits:

  • 12-1/2-quart countertop oven bakes, boils, broils, air fries, steams, grills, and roasts
  • Cooks up to 3 times faster than a conventional oven; no need to defrost frozen foods first
  • Uses halogen, infrared, and convection heat; food stays moist on the inside and browned and crispy on the outside
  • Adjustable temperature; 60-minute timer; stay-cool handles; 2 stainless-steel cooking racks included
  • Measures approximately 15-4/5 by 13 by 12-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

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