Supreme 90 Day Workout Review

Supreme 90-Day Workout Pros/Cons?

  • No need for gym - workout at home
  • Multiple exercises so muscles do not adapt
  • Not as 'fun' as dance routines

Supreme 90-Day Workout Review:

In order to understand the full benefits of this workout, you'll need to understand what 'muscle confusion' is. First, a workout become less effective as your muscles 'memorize' or adapt to a particular exercise. As your body adapts, it requires less calories to perform certain movements. When this happens, you don't burn as much weight or add as much muscle. This workout is design to keep your muscles in a constant state of confusion, so they never adapt -- and you burn more calories over time. The NY Times says this about Muscle Confusion:
The guiding principle is to mix up routines and “confuse” the muscles so as to avoid hitting a plateau. So some days are devoted to dumbbells or resistance bands, in addition to old-fashioned push-ups and pull-ups. Other days are reserved for yoga or cardiovascular workouts that involve a lot of jumping and squats. But Robert Marting, a personal trainer who sells his own exercise videos, says that “muscle confusion” is a time-tested principle of bodybuilding, and that the idea has been around since the early days of Joe Weider, a creator of the Mr. Olympia contest. Beachbody “kindly borrowed the principle and just retermed it as a training secret,” he says.
So the program has 10-DVDs that are designed to keep you from hitting a plateau. However, the first premise is that you continue working out. We have found the number 1 problem is getting people to continue workout out. Therefore, the problem of not confusing your muscles is a good problem to have -- it means you have been doing a workout for a lengthy period of time. We recommend -- if you are a beginner -- to focus on having fun -- to keep you working out. If you have been working out for an extended period of time--you are ready for this program.

From the Infomercial:

Supreme 90 Day™ is going to kick your butt and get your body ripped in just 90 days. Ordinary workouts lose steam because muscles plateau so you stop seeing results. Supreme 90 Day™ employs the power of muscle confusion to accelerate results. Each routine brings on muscle shocking moves, so your body stays challenged, so you keep getting stronger! You get ripped, you get strong and you get lean! And all without going to the gym. Supreme 90 Day is backed by real science! In an independent clinical study, an astounding 88% of participants shed excess body fat, while ripping muscles to sculpt your body.

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