Sure Clip Review

Sure Clip Pros/Cons?

  • Cut cleaner, more perfect nails
  • Catches nail clippings
  • You may not really need this as a regular clipper will do

Sure Clip Review:

The sure clip is the "the world's most advanced nail clipper." Our biggest complain is that most people don't really need the product. You only need the product if you 1) can't see the clippers and/or 2) if you want to be extra careful (like you are using it to cut a baby's nails)  and/or 3) you want as short of nails as possible and you can use the Sure Clip to get as close as possible without clipping skin. But the entire product is kind of bulky in the 'Sure Clip.' What saves the product is the oversize grip. This means that some people will first have to get accustomed to using a bulkier clipper. BUT, once you get used to it -- you may find it easier to use -- than traditional clippers. Since it is not terribly expensive, you should definitely give this a try if you have any difficulty cutting nails. If you can 'get buy' with regular fingernail clippers, I don't think this product will be revolutionary for you. You may also want to give this product a try if you need a new clipper. (Don't mock it unless you try it.)

From the Infomercial:

Sure Clip is the world's most advanced nail clipper. The wide, rubberized non-slip comfort grip gives you complete control. The professional quality stainless steel blades give a clean, precise cut every time. With an extra wide opening, Sure Clip even cuts thick, hard nails. There's even a built in diamond-edge steel file, to smooth edges or for quick touch ups. No more flying clips, no more bending to clean up, no more squinting or struggling to see what you're cutting.

Sure Clip Features & Benefits:

  • Built-In Nail Catcher - No More Flying Clips!
  • Powerful 3X Magnifier Light for Perfect Results!
  • Wide Non-Slip Comfort Grips for Complete Control!
  • Professional Quality Steel Blades Give a Clean, Precise Cut, Every Time!
  • Built-In Diamond-Edge File for Quick Touch Ups!

Sure Clip, Does It Really Work?

Yes, it really works as advertised. Our only suggestion is that you ask yourself do you really need the product?

Sure Clip, What Do I Get?

  •  Two sure clip clippers
  • 2 buffer blocks
  • Miracle Foot Repair Cream

Customer Service Number for Sure Clip?

If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about any of our great products, please feel free to contact us via the information provided below. Customer Service: 1-973-439-9035

Can I buy Sure Clip in Stores?

It's available at Walgreens.

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