Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever Review

Sexy Forever Pros/Cons?

  • Provides advice specifically to women over 4o
  • Balanced diet and fitness
  • Recommends hormone replacement therapy which is costly
  • Effectiveness is not scientifically backed

Sexy Forever Review:

The diet sounds good. However, not all health professionals are on board. There is no proof that removing toxins and specific hormones will help you lose weight. The formula for losing weight is still burn more calories than you intake. Anything beyond this formula does not have scientific backing. The good news is that this diet goes beyond removing toxins and hormones. Suzanne Somers says, “from middle age on there is nothing more vital to your health and weight control than to build lean muscle mass and the only way that happens is with weight training and exercise”. She recommends enjoyable exercises such as yoga.

From the Infomercial:

"Don't be afraid of real food," the 64-year-old writes, "foods that come from nature, not man-made foods, not fake foods, not any foods with chemicals." Somers believes that food additives, hormones fed to animals and bad fats all build up in the body as toxins. Cleaning them out, she says, is the only way to get the body ready to lose weight. "Losing weight without learning to eliminate chemicals is like a merry-go-round," she writes. "And it's why dieting doesn't work. Plus the toxic load makes it more and more difficult for people from age forty on to lose weight."¹

Sexy Forever Features & Benefits:

  •  Helps you clean up your diet by removing toxins
  • Balances your hormones
  • Helps you lose your gut
  • Teaches exercise
  • Supplements to speed weight loss

Sexy Forever Commercial:

What if your weight wasn’t your fault? If you are like most, you have tried to find an easy, enjoyable, permanent weight loss solution. One that doesn’t make you give up too many of your favorite foods, have you working out like a maniac, and won’t fail you in the long run.

But long-term success is awfully hard if you don’t address the hidden culprit behind the excess fat we carry: the toxic burden our bodies have accumulated. Whether you have just a few pounds to lose or are battling more, this new plan from health pioneer Suzanne Somers will give you the knowledge you need to easily combat these toxins and become slim, vibrant, healthy, and sexy . . . forever.

Within the pages of Sexy Forever you will discover:

*Thousands of FDA-approved chemicals and toxins surrounding us every day that sabotage our health and weight—and how to conquer these enemies.

*A simple-to-follow three-phase weight loss program, filled with rich, delicious foods. Plus, a special Detox Phase that has been designed to release your toxic burden and blast off those first—or last few—pounds. *All-new delicious recipes, with menus for fabulous eating every day.

*A moderate (hint: fast and easy!) exercise program to keep you fit and healthy.

*Ways to jump-start your success: cutting-edge, natural tools and products to make every step of the plan faster, easier, and more convenient. Includes amazing supplements and weight loss products to help catapult your success.

*A simple test that could unlock the hidden secret to your personal food demons—food sensitivities or intolerances that could silently be keeping you overweight or even chronically ill.

*How to achieve natural hormonal balance: the missing ingredient for every person over forty that must be added to make any plan successful.

*An all-access pass to revered doctors, experts, and nutritionists who helped Suzanne craft the plan. You can win this battle. Your goals are achievable. Stay the course and you’ll be on the path to regaining the vibrant health you were born to have. Sexy Forever is your ticket there.Sexy Forever, How Does It Work?

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