Weider X Factor Review

Weider X-Factor Pros/Cons?

  • Small, light weight and portable
  • Easy to install
  • May not fit on all doors

Weider X-Factor Review:

Should you get the X-Factor Workout? It depends. Let me explain: If you are a pro -- it will not replace your traditional equipment. However, many people say it is a good 'backup.' Therefore, if you find yourself needed a backup to your regular workouts, this may be for you. Do not buy this product if you expect it to replace professional equipment. For beginners, this product is an excellent starting point to increase fitness levels. You will be able to make decent goals with this equipment.

From the Infomercial:

The Weider X-Factor Door Gym is a total-body training system that's engineered to attach to any standard door. The unique design and progressive resistance exceeding 210 pounds promote explosive movements to build strength and add muscle mass. Resistance is the key to any strength-training workout. With the X-Factor Home Gym's unique progressive bands, resistance increase as your body exerts more force. Each exercise promotes movements that strengthen your core and extremities via an intense, muscle-building, and fat-burning workout.

Weider X-Factor Features & Benefits:

  • Total-body training system engineered to attach to any standard door
  • Unique design with progressive resistance exceeding 210 pounds builds strength and add muscle mass
  • Includes two handles, two ankle straps, four connection clips, and resistance bands
  • Includes exercise chart with over 50 body-sculpting exercises; three workout DVDs; eight-week nutrition guide
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty
  • Two handles, two ankle straps, four connection clips, resistance bands
  • Exercise chart with over 50 body-sculpting exercises
  • Three workout DVDs (X-Factor Total Body Workout, MMA-designed Explosion Workout, and X-Factor AB Shredding)
  • Eight-week nutrition guide to help you meet your desired results
  • Lifetime warranty

Weider X-Factor, Does It Really Work?

It works and is relatively easy to install. However, you do need at least 1/8" clearance on the top and bottom of the door and the door frame to secure the equipment. So before you order check out the clearance.

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