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Yoshi Blue Pros/Cons?

  • Non stick works
  • Cheap handle

Yoshi Blue Skillet Review:

Here is the deal: Nano-ceramic non-stick pans are the rage. That’s because recent FDA recommendations made DuPont (Teflon) take notice and issue new recommendations. The YoshiBlue skillet takes non-stick pans to a whole new level. It actually infuses diamond particles into the surface for better cooking. This is probably because diamonds are one of the toughest materials on earth and help prevent scratches that dull non-stick cookware. So your non-stick surface stays functional longer. According to the company, it costs more to make a YoshiBlue skillet than other non-stick pans. They are able to offer it at a competitive price because they ship direct, bypassing middle men.

The Claim: Cook without oil, fat, grease, chipping or peeling. The Test: Pancake batter and eggs—no oil/butter. I tested the Yoshi Blue and a normal non-stick pan. Both pans seem to work just fine for simple foods. Then I decided to burn cheese on the pan. With this test, the Yoshi Blue won.

The Results: Surface works as advertised, better than a normal non-stick pan. Eggs slide right off.

Yoshi Blue Skillet Features & Benefits:

  • Combines a true nano-ceramic surface with infused genuine diamond particles
  • Wipes clean with ease
  • When you order direct it actually costs less than a regular pan
  • You don’t need oil, fat or grease to cook with it

Where to Buy Yoshi Blue:

I saw it on TV.

Yoshi Blue Reviews:

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  • Does Yoshi Blue really work as advertised on the TV?
  • Is this Yoshi Blue Skillet really effective?
  • What are the pros and cons of this Yoshi Blue?
  • Where Can I buy Yoshi Blue Skillet in stores? which stores carry them?
  • Was shipping, handling and processing fee fair or was it too high?
  • How fast did the order arrive?
  • Did you get a chance to review your purchase before hitting the order button?
  • Did you receive the complete Yoshi Blue kit as you were expecting?
  • Do you recommend this Yoshi Blue Skillet to others?
  • Do you know a better alternative to Yoshi Blue?
  • Are you satisfied with the customer service?
  • Do you think your information was sold to third-party?
  • Do you think Yoshi Blue is a scam?
  • Do you think the Yoshi Blue Skillet commercial is mis-leading?
  • Did you have to pay extra for other accessories?
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