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#10: Nordic Track Incline Treadmill
Nordic Track Incline Treadmill: The X11i features a quiet powerful 4.25 continuous horsepower motor and impressive 40 percent incline, putting advanced calorie-burn at your fingertips. Simple, intuitive OneTouch™ controls adjust incline, decline and speed without scrolling through options. Tech-advanced features, like a 10-inch Web-enabled color touchscreen.
Nordic Track Incline Treadmill People take on higher inclines to ramp up your intensity and burn five times the calories, just by walking. A full-color, Web-enabled touchscreen delivers stats. Or, use the incline trainer's iFit technology to choose a Google Maps workout and experience roads from around the world as your deck adjusts automatically to match the terrain.


  1. The thing may work well. But these are sold to so many thinking walking is easy. Well if you want a more intense work out, the fat is it will be hard work. You can't fool the physics of it. If you burn more energy, you war working harder and you will not be smiling when doing so.
    BTW, exercise is not the way to lose weight, diet is. Exerise WITH a good healthy low cal diet is great for you.

    1. If you burn more calories than you ingest, it doesn't matter. Some athletes take in 5,000 calories a day and burn it off.

  2. We have a Nordic Track incline treadmill- love it

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