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#13: Copper Fit Back PRO
Copper Fit Back Pro provides everyday support and relief for lower back muscles with a flexible form fitting design for any size body. The copper infused compression technology and moisture-wicking fabric is designed for greater mobility and comfort for any type of lifestyle. Copper Fit Back Pro has a contoured, lightweight style to fit discreetly under clothes and provide the amount of compression you desire. Get Copper Fit Free Ship
Copper Fit Back PRO It's lightweight, so there is no burden to carry it. It's form fitting so people won't know you are wearing it. Brett Farve endorsed it, so it must be good, right? Well, some people don't report life changing results. Some report good results and still others don't see it helping their situation at all. I guess you got to find out yourself.


  1. Yje other copper infused product just got sued for misinformation. Buyer beware; it's witchcraft,

  2. Several copper infused products i think were sued or warned with their BS that copper helped heal. Now they still use the copper but say it helps reduce smell and fungile growth. Regardless, any good it does is simply via compression which has been show to do good is certain cases. You can buy compression wear cheaper many places.

  3. I bought the copper fit wrist and hand set for my dad who has terrible trouble with pain in his wrists. Can't really say if they worked or not as my dad said that after just wearing them once or twice they just literally came unraveled and useless.

  4. I have a knee one, and it works great. I know it's just the compression that helps, but it seems to help a lot. Plus, it is very thin. Thinner than any other brace I've seen.


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