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#3: Be Active Brace
BeActive™ Brace is the patent pending brace that applies targeted pressure to the specific pressure point that provides sciatic relief. Get Be Active
Be Active Brace Sciatica is pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve which branches from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down each leg. Typically, sciatica affects only one side of your body. The patented pressure pad in the brace applies targeted pressure and provides sciatic and related back pain relief.


  1. My mom gave me this. It seemed to give both of us relieve from our sciatica but it irritated my leg. I don't like to wear it.

  2. It is good to wear to relieve pain in my back. I put it on to get rested from the pain when I go to bed, but have to take it off after a little while. It irritates your leg where it rubs when flexing, but not as much as the pain you have without it. I do recommend this product.

  3. If you had the sciatica pain I do any other pain or discomfort is worth it. I might try 2.

  4. If your sciatic pain is severe... SEE YOUR DOCTOR!! I fell, landing on my backside, and developed severe sicatica. It felt like heated ice picks being driven into my leg fromthe hip to the toes, to the point where *nothing* relieved the pain.

    Chiropractic... nothing! Bed rest... NOTHING... pain medications... NOTHING. Finally after many days suffering, I went to the eR (literally crawling! They had to pick me up off the floor and get me into a wheelchair) I was given Demerol. Twenty minutes after that hypodermic... nothing. So they piggybacked Fentanyl... twenty minutes after that and forty after the Demerol, STILL no effect, so they gave me synthetic heroin! Dilaudid. That brought the pain from 10 down to 9 1/2.

    They operated. Found that an exploded disc (not herniated... FRAGMENTED!) had two pieces of cartilege forced INTO the nerve canal slicing the sicatic nerve!
    NOTHING BUT SURGERY would have helped me! Today I am symptom FREE. So, yes, try the gadget, but if your pain is intractible SEE YOUR DOCTOR!! My doctor told me that if I had NOT gone to the ER screaming and refusing to leave... I would have LOST the use of my leg! Sciatica is NOTHING to mess around with!

    1. I hear you. Been through all that after a car wreck- or rather pedestrian -me-/ car wreck. I had for discs in my neck fused after losing sensation and falling. The two in my middle back, around the bra line, keep me from doing everything I enjoy such as sewing, handwork, etc, and as for the three in my lower back which cause the excruciating sciatica and make difficulty bending over, the doctor said it's bad but not enough for surgery. That's probably the insurance talking.

  5. This works VERY well for me. I only wish they would make a larger one for those of us with larger legs.


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