25 Most Popular AsSeenOnTV Infomercials

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#25: Grab Bag
The Grab Bag is the reusable shopping bag that clips to your cart while shopping and keeps items secure while driving home, so your items won't spill in your trunk. Grab Bags are so versatile, you can even take them to the laundromat, dry cleaning, or use for storing toys or beach items. Grab Bags expand and hold what a regular shopping bag can't. Get Grab Bag BOGO Deal

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  1. I purchased 2 sets of bags! Love them. They have saved me many steps and made the whole shopping for groceries so much easier. Very clever! Each bag holds so much ... at least 3 plastic bags worth of items and they are so secure and easy to carry as it seems to distribute the weight. Great idea! The long handles get in the way a bit when loading but overall love them


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