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TrueCar Review:

Bottom-line: True car is the fastest and easiest way to get a fair price on a new car without haggling. But it may not get you the lowest price.

If you like to negotiate the absolute lowest price, you can still use TrueCar for the valuable and transparent pricing reports. Most people do not like haggling. So, TrueCar is the best place to visit for most people — before you walk into a dealership.

TrueCar Pros/Cons:


  • Fastest and easiest way to get transparent and accurate car pricing.
  • No haggle prices that are fair for the consumer.
  • Free for consumer.


  • TrueCar charges dealers about $300.00 per sale. This may be factored into your final price.
  • Pricing may not show the absolute lowest price in your market.
  • Pricing may not include dealer extras, accessories, options or finance charges.

From the Infomercial/Website (Claims):

From the website and infomercial, the features and benefits include:

“Print and take your certificate to a TrueCar Certified Dealer for a fast and hassle-free car buying experience. It’s easy to get a great price and drive home in your new car!”

” is a transparent, visual publisher of new car transaction data.”

“With upfront pricing from a TrueCar Certified Dealer, buying a car is fast, easy and a 100% no-haggle experience.”

TrueCar helps you buy a car by giving you valuable and transparent pricing information.

These prices include:

  • Actual dealer cost
  • What other consumers paid
  • Factory invoice
  • Sticker price
My research has determined that TrueCar honors their claims.

Where to Get a TrueCar Report:

TrueCar Video (As Seen on TV):

TrueCar, How Does It Work?

TrueCar is a service that obtains data directly from the dealers. They organize this information in a nifty graphic. They also give you a printout to take to their network of dealers that will honor that price.

TrueCar, Does It Really Work?

TrueCar works as advertised. Numerous sources agree the pricing as correct as they get — and that the pricing is a fair and transparent price:

“It is refreshing to see such astounding performance and profitable growth – the TrueCar team and business is poised to transform one of the largest and most dysfunctional retail categories in America.” ¹

“Coolest feature: You’ll get a nifty graphic combining the breakdown of the dealer’s real costs, the average price people are paying, and what’s considered a great vs. merely a good deal for that model.” ²

Now, it doesn’t claim to get you the best price. There may be other ways to find the absolute lowest price. However, the other way requires you to haggle dealers to negotiate the lowest price yourself. If you do not want to negotiate, then TrueCar is the fastest and easiest way to a fair price.

In addition, the TrueCar price reports do not seem to include dealer add-ons and customization. So, you total ‘out-the-door’ price could be substantially higher if you choose accessories and/or other options.

TrueCar, What Do I Get?

After you complete the TrueCar process, you’ll get a printable certificate to bring to up to three dealers.

These three dealers will honor the price printed out.

Please remember the price quoted does not necessarily include options/accessories.

Customer Service Number for TrueCar?

To get a free TrueCar Price Report, call (888) TRUECAR.

TrueCar Tips?

Tip: Do not drop your guard at the dealership. The certificate you print out is for standard car prices. This may not include other dealer extras. Also, it does not work out your monthly payment and finance charges. Just because you have TrueCar’s certificate, you should still be active in the car buying process.

TrueCar Reviews:

Please post a review below about your experience(s) with the TrueCar. Please make your review detailed and useful by answering the following questions:

  • Does TrueCar really work as advertised on the TV?
  • Is this TrueCar really effective?
  • What are the pros and cons of this TrueCar?
  • Did you receive the complete TrueCar printout as you were expecting?
  • Do you recommend this TrueCar to others?
  • Do you know a better alternative to TrueCar?
  • Are you satisfied with the customer service?
  • Do you think your information was sold to third-party?
  • Do you think TrueCar is a scam?
  • Do you think the TrueCar commercial is mis-leading?
  • Did you have to pay extra for other accessories/options/financing?

Share your TrueCar experience with others below. Let fellow buyers know whether this product works or is it a scam – use the “Write a Review” form below to send your feedback.


  1. Admin   •  

    TrueCar is now selling more and more cars. It is best for most people – but you will not get the lowest price, though you will get a fair price. Dealers are upset because in order to sign-up with TrueCar they get access to their sales data. So regardless, TrueCar is an excellent place to start to get data:

    • Bubba   •  

      Dealers love an informed customer? WRONG! They love the rubes who walk in without at least doing some research.
      TrueCar may be a little rough around the edges but at least they are trying to help the consumer to be better informed.
      Why should I spend 4-5 hours sitting across from some well trained con man wondering if I’m going to get mugged on the front end or the back end? Or maybe the warranty or financing? Don’t get me started on the outrageous fees they attach as part of their “service”. This is why TrueCar exists and why Jerry (watch the video below carefully) is so upset.
      Sorry Jerry, but I wouldn’t buy a car from you if my life depended on it….

      • Sarah   •  

        I don’t pay much attention to the suv mkaret as I should. But the Sante Fe never was an outstanding performer of an suv. For the same price you can get a Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner or Nissan Rogue which in the long term are better suv’s. There are so few reviews on this suv b/c of this reason. They just aren’t in demand. That big warranty is all hype. If you don;t follow that very expensive preventive maintenance program of their something goes wrong, it invalidates the warranty. A lady here once wrote why Hyundai would not pay for a new trans simply b/c she didn’t get the flush done at 60K like it said she had to. That’s where the money is. Nissan, Ford, GM don;t do that. It’s better to make a quality vehicle than hype one up. Right now the Chevy Equinox is the in demand suv. Especially if you want a V6. G’luck!

  2. Orlando   •  

    Thanks Sarah for taking time to review!

  3. Melinda   •  

    Sorry TrueCar but I’m not going 3-5 hours to look at cars. Not one of the local dealers in my area was on their certificate. I want my area not a dealer 5 hours away and now I have to deal with all their phone calls.

  4. Janet Davis   •  

    I received a certificate from 5 different dealers in my area and I sought out the closest dealer with the lowest MSRP, but the salesman would not honor it. He argued with me that no dealer could provide those prices despite me showing him my certificates. He argued with me that he understood True Car. He then showed me a website with MSRPs significantly higher than my certificates. Despite the “guarantee” on the certificate, he would not budge.

    My husband and I were prepared to leave and had he not reduced his MSRP by over $5000, I would have sought out another dealer. In the end, I was satisfied with the deal. I wonder if the outcome of my deal would have been any better with True Car? The process still took 6 hours of my day. UGH!

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