Hot Booties Slippers Review

Hot Booties Pros/Cons?


  • Hot therapy for feet
  • Comfortable
  • Holds heat for extended period


  • Not ideal for walking

Hot Booties Review:

For the first time in my life I know what it feels like to have warm feet for a long period. It’s a god-send.

Somehow having hot therapy on your feet eases pain not only in your feet but in other parts of your body.

It must have something to do with nerve endings or the pressure points in your feet that link to other areas in your body.  Whatever the reason, the slipper does a good job at alleviating pain.

It’s also good if you ever have cold feet and just want them warm. There is something about warm feet that brings comfort. It warms the rest of the body.

Now it isn’t ideal for walking or doing heavy activity. It’s a bit weighted and feels slightly awkward. I guess it because the fillings are supposed to ‘massage’ your feet. It felt awkward. But I can see others may enjoy the feeling. I’d imagine it could be a lot worse. However, they do keep your feet toasty.

Hot Booties Features & Benefits:

• Much, much more than slippers
• Provides comfort and relaxation
• Perfect for cold, achy, or stressed feet
• Continuous soothing, radiating warmth
• The secret is in the sole – filled with natural linseed!
• Provides comfort and relaxation
• Available in men’s and women’s sizes

Where to Buy Hot Booties:

You can buy Hot Booties Slippers at their official website.

Offer Details: Buy one pair of Hot Booties™ Slippers with Bootie Bag for only $14.99 plus $7.95 P&H. You’ll also receive another pair in the same size and color, with Bootie Bag, for FREE – *just pay extra $7.95 P&H.

Hot Booties Commercial:

Hot Booties, Does It Really Work?

Yes, they work.

Hot Booties, What Do I Get?

  •  Hot booties
  • Bootie Bag – to keep your microwave sanitary.

Customer Service Number for Hot Booties?

Phone: 1-866-972-8693 - Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm Eastern Time.

Can I buy Hot Booties in Stores?

No; not available in stores as of 12.31.2011.

Hot Booties Reviews:

Please post a review below about your experience(s) with the Hot Booties.Sh are your Hot Booties experience with others below. Let fellow buyers know whether this product works or is it a scam – use the “Write a Review” form below to send your feedback.


  1. Abigail   •  

    I am SURE they will be in stores soon…probably Bed Bath & Beyond! I want a pair but I don’t need 2 pairs…and certainly don’t want to pay for shipping for 2 pairs! Will be keeping my eyes open for them in stores!

  2. Doug   •  

    I got the as seen on tv slippers today. I’ll update later this week my results and impression. Thanks.

  3. DeLia   •  

    get a prepaid credit card, that’s always b what we have.done

  4. Connie D.   •  

    Not too happy they charged me almost $62 for two pair of slippers. Called customer service and they are closed. I am quite upset that they are charging me $31 in postage and handling! Have called my credit card company

    • Alisha   •  

      Connie, the same thing happened to me. Did they refund you?

      • H E GATOR   •  


  5. anne m   •  

    They did the same thing to me. Didn’t let me see the total price before sending in the order. Seems shady to me. Customer service is closed today, so I’ll try tomorrow and see what they say.

    • Emily   •  

      This also happened to me. I called customer service right away and then said there was nothing they could do for at least 48 hours. I called 3 times and asked to cancel my purchase immediately and all 3 times I was treated with no respect. So I called Wells Fargo and of course they said they would look out for the charge and deem it unauthorized once it was posted.

    • Dianne P   •  

      Same thing with me. Didn’t get to see the final price before ordered. Didn’t really know I had ordered, thought I’d have a chance to review my order before submitting it. I called customer service and the lady assured me that she caught the order in time and would correct it. But today I received 4 pair and I’m sure will be charged the full price. Now have to pay to ship back and wait for refund. Don’t like the feel of the slippers, scared I will fall on the stuff inside the shoe. Too much of a risk. No return label either.

  6. Joe   •  

    Any site that doesn’t let you review the total cost before final submission is a scam.

  7. Kelly   •  


    What the heck? My Hot Booties STARTED ON FIRE in the microwave after only 1 month of use. Can we say “class action lawsuit”? This is a horrible product & should be taken off the market immediately.

    Wasted money!

  8. Angela   •  

    Yes, I bought hotbooties and even though I misunderstood there bygo offer I immediately called to cancel my offer which I was told I could not because my shipment was already out (really? one hour after I ordered-I doubt that). The rep I spoke to said as long as I refused the delivery I wouldn’t be charged for ANY OF IT! Once my refund was applied I realized they had not refuded the full amount so I called to work out the problem. I was told that I was still responsible for the shipping and handling even though I refused the package (like the girl had told me to). When I called I was refused a refund and ended up paying $31.80 in shipping and was refunded only $29.98! Seriously? The shopping cost more than the product?!?! And they charged me for each one even though they were all in the same package! This is such a scam and coincidentally they don’t make any notes on your account when you call to speak to a rep so therefore I had no proof that the other rep had said this. And apparently there isn’t anyone above this rep I spoke to that I could talk to. According to her she’s as high as I can go. Well, I am going to make sure others don’t get messed over.

    • Emily   •  

      Call your bank or credit card company and say you did not authorize it!

  9. Bette   •  

    Your posting really srtagihtneed me out. Thanks!

  10. Neva Lewwis   •  

    I ordered Hot Booties online on 12/2/11 and have not received them yet. I have tried to use the phone in line but the machine automatically tries to order another pair!! I cannot speak to a representative because this option is not available. I will turn this over to the better business bureau if I do not receive a reply or the product.

  11. matka   •  

    I can’t imagine what the Hot Booties will smell like after being worn once or twice and then reheating them…. It would sure put a kink in my chain.

  12. Win   •  

    What a scam! I went online to place an order for 1 and the system charged me $64.95 for 2 pairs. What happened to the buy one get one for free with free shipping. I’m furious!

    14.99 + 15. 90 = 30.89 for each pair, totaling $64.95. WTF! I wanted the buy one get one free. UGH!!

  13. nancy   •  

    I should have done my research and read all your reviews. What a scam. I too was charged $61.78 for two pairs and was never able to review purchase. What a fluke. So furious. Will call credit card to “unauthorize charge”. Thanks everyone for your postings.

  14. Greg G   •  

    I was about to order when I saw this site. I went back and really studied the order form. I’m only guessing (as I did not place an order) but I think they “trick” is for the quantity, it says, “How many Buy One Get One Free sets would you like to order?” I would think to put 2 here if you wanted to pay the additional $7.95 shipping for the free pair, but this is actually saying you want 2 SETS or a TOTAL of 4 pairs. In addition, for the BOGO, you must get two of the same size/color. I’m sure this is done intentionally to trick people and hoping some just accept the extra two pairs. A shame because I would have liked to try them out.

  15. odie   •  

    I’ve been burned by these types of ads in the past. Just wait a little while and they will show up in Bed Bath and Beyond. I never buy from commercials any longer no matter how good it sounds.

  16. Mario   •  

    So I ordered hot booties as a christmas present around Dec 19th. They were set to come January 1st which was odd but I was fine with it. January 1st came around and they said they were on backorder til the 20th. I was mad but I said okay whatever. I waited til the 20th and NOW they are on backorder again until Feb 16th. This is probably the worst online purchase experience I have ever had… almost 3 months for a pair of slippers? I would reccomend buying a pair of regular slippers at a store and taking your chances microwaving those before you tried buying Hot Booties…

    Satisfaction: 1/10

  17. Kat   •  

    Welllll…..thank you ALL….I too wanted a pair (or two-Bogo)but do not like the fact that this company is soooo shady….what your comments also tell me – is they do NOT have a return policy….which is a big red flag…they KNOW their product is crap & they do not want it back either…and when a caller cannot reach a supervisor the call itself can NOT be escalated….that is a bunch of baloney….so they have a roomful of managers….not likely….again THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INFO…I too am going to wait until/if they show up in stores….kat

  18. Christine   •  

    Great idea but I would not buy them again. Order bigger than what you need – hard to put on and could not walk in them. I would send them back but they are quite heavy and would cost a lot to send back. Must be the stuff on the inside but they smell. Bad investment. They will be something that is thrown in the back of the closet.

  19. Christine   •  

    Wish I would have read reviews first before buying

  20. Roseann Boynton   •  

    Apparently I did not read the small print, as I thought the second pair was free – maybe they are, but they charge you S&H for each pair – which is outrageous – so you end up paying $35+ for a pair of booties that sell for $~15. They smell horrible, the size advertised for my shoe size is way too small and tight, it took 4 times at 30 seconds in the microwave to get warm enough, and they did not hold the heat very long. It is truly a scam – save your money! You can do the same thing with a small damp towel warmed in the microwave. I am returning them tomorrow and will be shocked if I get a refund. I will make a complaint to the BBB / Attorney General’s Office / everyone I can find to complain to. I feel with all the complaints that will be coming in, this company will not last long. Live and learn…

  21. Sandy   •  

    I got scammed too. I ordered in December and received Feb. 18. Total price was 34.97 with $48.70 in shipping which was not told to me when i ordered. These came stuffed in a plastic bag. when i called customer service, I was told I would have to pay the shipping if I returned them because I opened the bag. Of course I wanted to see my order. What a sneaky company. Never again and I will pass the word to all I know. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!

  22. Emma   •  

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING 3 MONTHS NOW ….. i keep calling and they keep saying the will be another month… is the company that busy that they are BACK ORDERED (not likely) ITS A JOKE … DONT BUT THEM ….. you will have to wait till the summer and who needs slippers in the summer unless they are air conditioned ha ha

  23. Carol   •  

    I ordered the Hot Booties because my feet are always cold in the winter. I actually got them pretty quickly. The problem is that I ordered the women’s large size 9-11, thinking they might be on the small side. I wear an 8 1/2. The booties are ridiculously small. After reading all the complaints about their customer service, I have decided to keep them and give them to someone with much smaller feet. Too bad, I was looking forward to warm feet!

  24. Annie   •  

    I thought what a great idea to keep your feet warm in the cold season. They are uncomfortable to walk in. They have an over powering smell. The price for the slipper is on the spendy side for what you get. They over charge for the shipping. I ordered mine plus some for Christmas presents a total of 8 slipper sets. I shipped all of them back for $16.54. They charged me $63.60 just for the shipping. What a rip off!!!! I guess I learned a tough lesson. I will be reporting this one to the better business bureau and any where else I can to fight the shipping charges. Do not order unless you really think you will wear them and think you can afford the outlandish shipping charges.

  25. Dianne P   •  

    Would not advise anyone to order this product!! Bunch of Bull!! Cannot walk in them, P & H is way too expensive, no return policy or label. Low class company

  26. Ed   •  

    Was NOT able to order 1 pair online; NOT able to copy the purchase document & did NOT get an order number after ordering. VERY SUSPICIOUS!! Called company next day to cancel & person offered a $5 discount if I didn’t cancel; I refused. Further, she IMPLIED that since the order would not be shipped, that my credit card would not be billed, but did NOT confirm the cancellation. MORE SUSPICIONS!! So I sent a “certificate of mailing” letter to their president (whose name could not be identified!!) & requested a written confirmation of the cancellation. And oh yes, I copied the CT Attorney Generals office & the BBB. In 10 days I rec’d a statement from Hot Booties confirming that my order was cancelled. And the AG’s Office & BBB have contacted me to find out if the matter has been settled. I guess that one has to play hardball w/them to get what any other reasonable, ethical company would do by verbal request.

  27. Ryan   •  

    Very shady.

    I clicked twice that I did not want 2 pairs and they still charged me for both without even a confirmation.

  28. roland prince   •  

    Had the same problem as most of you. Didn’t need more than one and didn’t want to pay extra shipping for it. Order from a better site and got the Original much less expensive. buythehotsocks dot com.

  29. Antoinette   •  

    I brought hot booties at Cvs for 14.99 and thinking that this product would help with my feet the heat last for a moment of 5 minutes reheat it up to 90 mins. no better what a reap off the product does not work

  30. Yvonne   •  

    Bought mine at Ross dress for less 9.99 I really like them. My feet are warm as we speak. Seems most of the complaints were from shipping costs.

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