MyPillow Reviews

My Pillow Reviews

So one day an advertisement on TV caught my eye. It was for a pillow that is guaranteed to be “the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own.” As someone who experiences restless nights, the advertisement caught my attention. They say it also helps with the following conditions: Neck Pain, Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, TMJ, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome and Allergies & Asthma

But what could make this pillow so special? Above the rest?

As it turns out, the pillow is designed to hold its shape all night. Once you find a comfortable position; the pillow does not adjust in the night. This also means it does not go flat during the night like standard pillows.

This is huge because many problems happen at nigh–when your body’s nerves are agitated–because your pillow changes shape. When pillows change shape, your body could be put into a position in which your nerves are agitated.

“The nerves in your neck support all the nerves throughout your arms, torso, and legs. When you use MyPillow, your C-1 and C-2 vertebrae are fully supported and nerves are allowed to fully rest and restore especially because MyPillow stays cool. It also helps the cervical nerves to calm down so you can fall asleep faster. The natural cooling effect of MyPillow helps you fall asleep faster and get a better night’s sleep.”

But does it really work? I think it depends on the user and reasons for getting the pillow. Obviously it can’t cure any disease. But it may help. The degree by which it helps depends on many factors. Your sleep position is just one variable.

Now the pillow does hold shape. It also stays relatively cool. So the ingredients are there to give you a good nights sleep.

If you are willing to try it out — You will be happy to know the company has an A+ rating from the BBB. It’s also made 100% in the U.S.A. It also has a 60-day money back guarantee. So from all accounts, they make good on their claims–or you get your money back.

When you order a pillow–you may be surprised. It comes all rolled up. Tip: Per the instructions, you will need to wash/dry it once before your first use.

When you use it you will find the material very snug. That is–it holds it shape. For me this is the biggest benefit. You fall asleep comfortable and you stay in a comfortable position the entire night. It doesn’t lose shape. It doesn’t overheat.

The pillow comes in 5 sizes or ‘support levels,’ so please choose the right size:

  • Yellow support level: Ideal for stomach sleepers or children ages 3-11; Women with a small t-shirt size.
  • White support level: Women with a medium/large t-shirt size; Men with a small/medium t-shirt size.
  • Green support level: Women with a XL/XXL t-shirt size; Men with a large/XL t-shirt size.
  • Blue support level: Women with a XXXL+ t-shirt size; Men with a XXL/XXXL t-shirt size.
  • Red support level: Men with very broad shoulders, XXL+ t-shirt size.

MyPillow Pros/Cons?


  • It just works
  • Holds shape
  • Snug
  • Very comfortable


  • Pricey for pillows

From the Infomercial/Commercial:

My Pillow Features & Benefits:

  •  Supports your head – the material is designed to support your head.
  • Keeps your head supported – the material is designed to keep your pillow’s shape all night. (It does not lose its shape).
  • Keeps your stable temperature – the pillow does not heat up.

Where to Buy My Pillow/Coupon Code

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  1. sleepless in KY   •  

    My husband did not like his the very first night and I am still not decided on mine. I slept great the first night and last night I had to keep adjusting because I could not get a comfortable spot for my neck issues. I am going to try it again tonight but, if I do not sleep well then back it goes. I really was hoping this would be the solution to my sleeplessness so I am disappointed, also do not purchase the pillow cases they are very cheaply made and not worth the price at all. Still sleepless in KY!

    • kirk roberts   •  

      we went to wi state fair we had to of them retirn them the next day they are the worst pillow i ever slept on all it is is cut up foam and to get you money back was un real we had to wait over 60days i had to get my lawer in to sen a letter dont buy them.

      • Don   •  

        I wouldn’t trade my pillow for a million dollars, I sleep all night and the dark circles under the eyes gone. I would call it the best pillow in the world,

  2. melanie   •  

    for me its very hard to trust infomercials, especailly ones who’s products do not come from real stores since i’ve been scamed a few timnes (i wont mention particular products here). so i had my doubts, but decided to try this pillow because NONE of the pillows i bought worked, even the expensive down filled ones. well, ive only been using this pillow for about a week, and i found it’s done everything it’s promised. no more having to double up pillows or readjusting them at night for me!! no more neckpains!! hopefully this pillow will live up to it’s 10 year guarantee, but so far its friggn awesome!

  3. Derek   •  

    I didn’t notice a difference at all over 20 days. Neck and back still hurt just the same.

    I ordered a white and yellow for me and my fiance last month. Neither one of use noticed a single difference in our backs.
    We even switched pillows after a week to see if the size would make a difference, but didn’t.

    Great customer service, but didn’t work for me.

    • Freeman   •     Author

      Did you return the product? If so, how did they handle the return?

      • Elvamary   •  

        If you sleep on your back you want to use no lpoilw or a very thin lpoilw, because you want to keep your spine straight as possible while you sleep. Same goes for if you sleep on your side you want just enough lpoilw to keep your spin aligned, never sleep on your stomach.

        Just to validate my point imitate how your neck is positioned if you sleep on your belly or if you have a large lpoilw under your head while standing up and hold it for 4-8 hrs. I would also recommend strengthening your neck muscles, but there may be something else going on other than bad posture(can’t really tell not enough information provided). Anyway when you sleep you want to make sure that your head/neck is in-line with the rest of your spine.

      • jan   •  

        We purchased two pillows ….one yellow and one green. We tried them and decided that we both needed a white one so we returned them. Well, we gave the white ones a fair shot but neither of us liked them either. We returned them with no problem but they did deduct a shipping and handling fee from our refund.

  4. Valerie   •  

    Nice pillow but does absolutely nothing for snoring issues which is why I bought it. It does keep it’s shape during the night and is very comforatable. Haven’t washed it yet so I don’t know how that will turn out.

    • Mariss   •  

      Agree. Did nothing for my husband’s snoring and apnea. I was laying there counting the seconds he went without breathing… again and again… horrible night. Ugh! He snored even more than he usually did. Back it goes. I am frustrated and sleep deprived.

      • becky   •  

        Does your husband have central or obstructive apnea?

      • Kenny   •  

        There is not a pillow that is going to fix sleep apnea. Likely that will require a CPAP machine, but that can only be detrmined by a Dr. and a “sleep test” to determine the dgree and type of apnea.

      • mark   •  

        If he is stopping breathing while sleeping, that’s sleep apnea and that’s bad. I have it. I use a CPAP. No problems now. Get one asap.

      • wendy   •  

        Hon, If your husband “went without breathing…again and again..”. he is being deprived of oxygen!!! This is such dangerous situation! He needs to be seen IMMEDIATELY by a sleep specialist, and get on a c-pap machine ASAP! Do NOT put this off! My husband almost died in his sleep from his apnea- if I hadn’t happened to wake up and realize it, he would have been gone- please make an appointment TODAY! Also, it can bring on diabetes, other health conditions as well. This is not something that you “wait out”.

      • Larry   •  

        I cannot express how important it is to have your husband see a sleep study Dr. right away. I have sleep apnea and I too would quit breathing in my sleep and then gasp for air (as my wife has told me as well as how it scared her) sometimes it woke me up as well. As the others have already stated, sleep apnea can and will cause other serious heath problems including damage to the heart and even death. I’m here to tell you, I thought I could not sleep with a c-pap mask on (there are several models) but now I can hardly sleep without it.

  5. Betty   •  

    Just because it didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean the pillow doesn’t work. Obviously it can’t work for everyone! My husband stopped snoring and it helped me with my headaches. You really cant expect a pillow to fix every damn thing that’s wrong with you, don’t be harsh. It’s the best pillow I’ve ever slept on.

    • Ed   •  

      Just because it worked for you doesnt mean that it works. My $5 pillow from big lots is one of the best pillows ive ever had, and i sleep through the night 100%..does it mean that its a good pillow?

      If a lot of people say it doesnt work for them, then statisticlly IT DOESNT WORK

  6. david   •  

    not so fast, the pillow is just OK. As for the guarantee it will cost you about $25.00 in shipping to find out if it’s for you. The customer service dept. told me, unfortunitely they cannot refund shipping charges. I think unwilling is a better word. After wasting $25.00 I bought a Serta contour pillow for $19.95 that is a much better pillow

    • XHutch   •  

      you get a special lloipw that takes the frame of your head and neck. Normal lloipws loose their shape and then your neck is not supported.Its best to get one the keeps its shape and supports your neck.

    • addell   •  

      bought 2 Supposedly kingsize, which were standard, called home office of Michael J. Lindell, (inventor owner) of company. Gave cost we paid for King size, special price b ecause of convention in Louisville, Ky. 6/24/12. No satisfaction from rep.who was less than polite. Would not pay for shipping , good merchandise i belie ve, but poor company to do business. dw

  7. Sandy   •  

    I did like the pillow the first couple of nights but since then it hasn’t been as “firm” or kept it’s shape as promised, It is good if you sleep on your back which I’ve never been able to. But this pillow does fit your neck and keeps it there while cradeling your head. I just can’t stay on my back all night tho. I also thought it strange…when I fluffed the pillow in the dark there was light coming from the “filling”. Since they never state what is inside the pillow I found this very strange yet funny. If you haven’t done this, try fluffing the pillow with lights out and see if you get “light”.

    • Vi   •  

      I am pretty sure that the light experienced is from the static electricity caused by fluffing the pillow…

  8. John   •  

    Because of the nature of my job I have cronic neck and shoulder problems.
    A stiff sore neck and headache every morning. I am an above average man (6’4″ and a side sleeper) I noticed an improvment the very first night. I woke without a headache and have continued to do so every mornig since. The stiffness and soreness in my neck was noticabley reduced. I continued to improve night after night. After two weeks, my neck problems have almost dissapeared. I figure I have 75% less stiffness and soreness. My spine has also alighned it self properly, resulting in a fully upright posture and an easier more natural gait when walking. It feels like my shoulders dropped about two inches and are much more relaxed than I can remember. I also feel like I am much better centered and ballanced. I notice a profound difference it the way I stand, walk and move. I have spent lots of money over the years buying different pillows without success. If you are suffering from neck and shoulder problems, it is worth the risk of the shipping costs to give this pillow a try. I now wake in the morning feeling rested and relaxed. This pillow does not preform miracles. I don’t feel as good as I would like to; I still have some stiffness and soreness in my neck that won’t go completely away unless I change professions, but I feel so much better that I am very happy I gave it a try.

    • Mike Wilks   •  

      Now how would you know if your spine has realigned it’s self if you haven’t either been to a Chiropractor or to a Doctor to have a spinal X-ray done??

  9. Jane   •  

    I bought this pillow at a home show in Wisconsin. I wanted to see it & touch it & not pay shipping before I bought it.

    I’m happy with the pillow. While reading the reviews, I realized that I have not had chronic headaches since I bought the pillow. I also don’t have chronic neck pain & I seem to sleep sounder. I used to have many pillows on my bed – now I just have one to sleep on & an extra one when I read in bed. I have put all my other pillows away. I also wake up with my head still on my pillow.

    The direction say to put it in the dryer for 15 minutes before the first use & I followed them.

    I definitely recommend this pillow, even with the cost. If you go to the website & click on places to buy & put in your zip code, you can probably find home shows nearby to test them out. Also, besides saving shipping, they are $5.00 cheaper than with the 25% discount.

  10. Richard Graves   •  

    Wowwwww!!! I just received the MyPillow as a birthday gift and I thought Oh great! Another thing my crazy mother ( in an affectionate way) bought off of late night television! Sorry Mom I was wrong! I just got the best night’s sleep I have had in years! I was used to waking up with pain in my neck every morning and nearly a headache which only put me in a bad mood to start the day out with! Today I woke up energized and happy! When I woke up this morning no pain whatsoever! Thanks Mom for the greatest birthday present a good night’s sleep! I love MyPillow!!!

  11. Sarah O.   •  

    It took the full 2 long weeks to finally get the pillows I ordered for myself and my family. The pillows themselves are good but not nearly as fabulous as promised. The customer service while friendly is not helpful. I have phoned them many times because I have never once gotten an email confirmation or receipt. They confirm my email address but it never works and they don’t seem inclined to try to figure out the problem. (I have never had trouble with that email address with any other vendor and I shop online often).

    After the 4th call to complain, they finally agreed to mail me a copy. When the invoice copy finally arrived it belonged to someone else. I now have somebody else’s name, address, phone# and the last 4 digits of their VISA. Therefore I can only assume that somebody else has my information. I called to voice my concern and asked for a supervisor who told me she would send me another email(never got!) and told the operator must have just type in the wrong order # when printing my receipt and not to worry about it.(I check both numbers and they were not even close!).

    In summary, while the pillow is ok, the aggravation of dealing with the company is not worth it. I would not not recommend!

  12. Nancy   •  

    I bought a pillow for myself and one for my husband. First off, the pillow I purchased did not hold the shape through the night. I had to keep scrunching it up. My husbands blue pillow is so hard, its like sleeping on concrete so his did stay puffed up, but so hard it creates headaches. Also he snore now and then, but as soon as he fell asleep, he was snoring. I am going to keep mine, but am sendng his back. Mine is ok, but not worth the price.

  13. Mariss   •  

    It did nothing for my husband’s snoring and apnea. I was laying there counting the seconds he went without breathing… again and again… horrible night. Ugh! He snored even more than he usually did. Back it goes. I am frustrated and even more sleep deprived. :-( :..(

  14. Lis   •  

    I don’t love it. I’ve had it for about two weeks and I’m experiencing the worse neck pain of my life. It may be a coincidence but I haven’t had this pain before. I also have headaches everyday now and I didn’t used to. I haven’t contacted the company yet but I do think it’s suspicious they only allow positive testimonials on their site and not just truthful reviews. I want to know if there are others who aren’t in love with My Pillow. My husband says he likes it but he still snores and still complains of body aches. His pillow was too firm to sleep on so I gave him mine. I think he’s just trying to rationalize this over fluffed purchase.

    • Chris   •  

      Lis, Obviously you didn’t read too many of the reviews because there are many people who didnt like the pillow. Anything from “It wasn’t for me” to “I hated it” (not to mention YOUR post). Do your research before you post!

      • Michael   •  

        I sure agree with your post Chris. Sounds like some of these people are just expecting miracles right away

      • Melissa   •  

        Chris. ‘Obvisously’ you didn’t read -her- post correctly. She isn’t speaking of this website’s reviews..she is speaking of the reviews on the My Pillow actual site. And good God, are you the post nazi? What’s with the capitals and usage of exclamation point? Oh, by the way, I LOVE the product. Regardless of all these NEGATIVE reviews, I decided to try it and I absolutely love it.

  15. Michele   •  

    I have been waiting in anticipation for the April Home and Garden Show to try this pillow but am getting very disappointed after reading these reviews. Hopefully I have a better result as I, and many of you, want to get some sleep and wake up refreshed without pain….I guess I will find out soon.

  16. Rick   •  

    I was so excited after 1st night, I threw my shipping box and old pillow away. Now after 5 days, I find that the pillow is too puffy and the white pillow I bought for my wife is more suitable for me.
    2 Problems. Since I threw out my old pillow, I’ll be without a pillow for aprox. 3-4 weeks, till I get my new one, or buy another pillow and once you receive my old pillow and give me credit, which I’m told takes 30 days, and just to process my new order is 10-14 Days, not counting shipping time, there and back. I have a real quagmire here. Although everything about your founder, quality of product, and bold reviews appeared to be refreshing, I’m disappointed again with doing business over the internet and listening to the hype of a USA company.
    Great product, just that customer service isn’t as easy as I thought..
    As an educated man, I was foolish to throw out my old pillow and the box, but that still wouldn’t have got me satisfaction any sooner. I trusted the fitting chart too much. I’m 6’4″, normal to slim shoulder width and weigh about 225. It seemed very clear to me that the Green pillow was definately my correct size.
    Disappointed in RI

  17. L Billings   •  

    Rock-hard. It is very uncomfortable. Very disapointed in it. Does not live up to the claims. What have I done wrong??

  18. Lawrence Gaines   •  

    I tried MyPillow and it was absolutely terrible! First, their claim that it stays cool is totally untrue. It was warmer to start with than my own pillow, and kept getting hotter. Second, it bunched up on each side of my face when I was laying on my back, making me even hotter. No matter how I tried to adjust it, it was still the same. Third, I couldn’t fall asleep with it so I went back to my own pillow which was cool and supported me fine. I have one of those curvy pillows that cost me $20 and works perfect! Fourth, when I returned it, their policy is not to give back the $9.95 shipping costs I paid. Fifth, the cheapest it cost me to send it back with a deliver receipt was $9.00. Therefore this pillow cost me $19 and I have nothing but aggravation to show for it! We’ll see how long it takes for them to credit me back the cost of the pillow after they have received it. That will be my follow up letter. Buy the curved foam pillow from a Walmart or Cosco for $20. It works like a charm! If it doesn’t, return it for your FULL money back!

    • alex   •  

      the pillow works as said , if your using a pillow case that may be the problem, try and get a pillow case with more airflow . without some airflow the heat gets trapped , give it more airflow and it will be fine

      • steph   •  

        A pillow case?!really?! That isn’t going to fix a pilliw holding heat.

    • Rachel Myers   •  

      @Lawrence Gaines, you said “Third, I couldn’t fall asleep with it so I went back to my own pillow which was cool and supported me fine. I have one of those curvy pillows that cost me $20 and works perfect!”. Ummm if your old pillow was so cool and so perfect why did you buy this one? Sounds like some of you didn’t follow directions (which is the norm). Order according to the sizing instructions you ALL would have better luck!!!!

      • steph   •  

        Wow! And u are so smart?! looks like most peiple have the same issuse. so does everyone ignor the directions.. not so much. and maybe he thought it would be better, duh. so yeah…

  19. L   •  

    No offense, but who would want to pay $80 plus shipping and handling for a pillow. Many folks don’t have credit cards, me included. I couldn’t buy it even if I wanted to. The price is outrageous!

    • Kevin   •  

      I wish more people would sit down and do the math before posting comments like this. If this pillow costs $70 more than a cheap pillow and u keep it for 5 years that comes out to less than $.04/night for a better nights sleep even if it’s only slightly better. If you keep it for 3 years it’s a little over $.06/night. I bet a lot of people on here who complain about the price don’t have a problem with spending $4/day on a Starbucks coffee to wake themselves up from not getting a good nights sleep! Really now??!!

      • Mike Wilks   •  

        I bought my pillows at K-Mart, spent $8.00 each for them (Purchased 4) I sleep awsomely on them!!! So i got 4 pillows for less than one of your’s costs.. I have no problem replacing an $8.00 pillow every 5-7 years. Usually by that time any pillow should be replaced because of bacteria build up.. I’ll keep my K-Mart pillows..

    • Jacob Williamson   •  

      I agree with you. $80 is way too much for a pillow unless you’re Donald Trump. No amount of fancy schmancy math is going to justify the price. In fact what’s wrong with people disagreeing with the positive reviews? I tend to trust things more when there’s at least some disagreement. Too many gushing reviews with no counter reviews makes me suspicious. If it’s too good to be true it’s probably not.

      • Natalie   •  

        Funny thing is, you can wash a MyPillow….so therefor bacteria build up isn’t an issue.

    • ann   •  

      what’s a difference paying a bit more for something that’s better and helps and will hold up or wasting hard eared money on those cheep pillows from Walmart your health and spinal care is very important

  20. karen in mass.   •  

    i’ve had my pillow for 1 week now….i’m not impressed. it bunches up on either side of head, and is lumpy. i seem to have more shoulder and arm stiffness and tingling than usual. it is way over-priced, but since shipping is a nightmare i’ll probably keep it until i find another one. i also notice that in the dark when i fluff it electric like sparks appear inside the pillow…creepy.

  21. Harvey   •  

    The pillow gave my wife and I a stiff neck so we sent it back At the cost. of $13.00 to shp them back and then the company charged us $ 9.95 for shipping to us. Cost us 23.00 to get a stiff neck. It took them 15 days after receiving the pillows to give the refund. We are not happy campers

  22. Maryland, USA   •  

    I don’t own MyPillow, but i find it suspicious that in the company’s YouTube videos, ratings and comments are disabled. If the pillow is as good as they claim, what are they afraid of? Fake reviewers? Funny, other sellers are willing to take that chance.

    • lem   •  


  23. Sherri   •  

    I purchased “my pillow” at a local home show. This is a very hard pillow and like others have posted, it bunches up in your face. I bought the size the salesperson recommended, but I’m afraid this isn’t the pillow for me. Waiting to hear from the company for return instructions.

  24. Godwin   •  

    Been using this for 2 weeks now and i can say with confidence that although its a decent pillow, its simply not worth $70. The only advantage really is that it is firmer than ordinary pillows. It seems to be flattening a bit but not so much. I bet there are other products for about $40 which would stay as firm frankly.

  25. dd   •  

    The MyPillow is the worst pillow ever. I wake up several time a night “fluffing” the pillow. It is so very small and so flat. I kept “punching” it up. I would wake up with my head pushed foward and no support under my neck. It is not cooling. It is synthetic and retains body heat. I am a side sleeper. The pillow, after being punched into place, was so small my head barely fit on the pillow. It is very pricey. Sending it back would cost me even more. I definitely do NOT recommend this pillow to anyone.

  26. REB   •  

    If one of the thousands who switch from a lousy or very old pillow, you’ll be impressed.
    Like me, if you buy a new and very good pillow every couple years, this my pillow is no
    big difference.

  27. Kevin Tate   •  

    I’m always looking for a firm pillow that stays cool. When I saw the MyPillow infomercial, I didn’t hesitate to order one. (The green support level.)

    Upon receipt, I did as instructed: unpacked the pillow, fluffed it, and threw it in the dryer (low heat) for 10-15 minutes. I used a silk pillowcase as they stay cooler and breathe better, in my opinion.

    Night one: The pillow had good density but within minutes, it started to lose its coolness. (Note: I live on the Central Coast in California, where nightly temps are in the 50s, so ambient temperature was not a factor.) I was really disappointed and immediately switched back to my Costco-purchased contour pillow.

    Night two: I tried it again, but the results were the same. Within 3-5 minutes, I moving my head to different areas of the pillow in search of a cooler spot.

    The next day I called the phone number on my invoice and explained how I wanted a refund. They first tried to tell me it might have been a defective pillow and that I should try another one. I insisted on a refund and they issued me an RMA, so I rolled the pillow back into the original box and shipped it, US parcel post with delivery confirm for $11 and change.

    Summary: The pillow does NOT remain cool. It may, however, provide good neck support. If you purchase one of these pillow and aren’t happy, you’ll have to spend ~$20 for round-trip shipping. (The company does not pay for shipping.)

    Hope this helps.

  28. Melissa   •  

    This pillow will work well for someone who sleeps in one position. It did not work for me as I sleep in all positions during the night. It did not conform to my side from the back of my head. I would wake up whenever I rolled over and felt like I need to adjust the pillow. I noticed no difference in the temperature of the pillow compared to my old, solid foam one that I will go back to. Too pricey for what it claims to do.

    • Sara   •  

      Thanks to all you negative reviewers. I have a limited budget and 40 years of insomnia, so I am always looking for some sort of answer. You all saved me what seems to be a bucket of money, because I was going to buy two. One for me and one for my sweetheart. We both have apnea and I have arthritis in my spine. Doesn’t sound like the miracle cure for me. I bought some wonderful little travel pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond. They are small basically for neck support and it sounds as though the $10.00 I spent on them was a better buy, especially since I had one of their discount coupons which made them a real bargain. I know it helps to try a pillow for a while, but I can have two pillows for less than $20.00 with coupons leave them in their plastic bag and still return them without big shipping costs. Also if you order from BB&B shipping is free. And if you really want to spend $50 or $60 dollars or more they have fancy pillows too. They even have a larger pillow like the little travel pillow.
      Good luck all, and good sleep. Thanks again, can’t afford to throw out even the extra $20+ if had to send them back.

      • ann   •  

        its not going to hurt u to try it first am a chiropractic assistant and your skeletal heath and sleep is key to better health these people are negative complainers they probably have other health problems and don’t realize it… most well all people need to get not just regular check up but chiropractic and medical it will make a great diff I your lives…. breathing also should be treated by a specialist u have 60 day to decide and I love my pillows and have had them a long time …..I work with people of all sizes and conditions ….I don’t no but I work hard and I rather buy something that is going to last a long time then have to keep wasting money ever couple months……its those long term investments that count and what every one don’t get it is just a pillow not some magical cure of course its not going to help everyone’s individual problems but I do believe good night sleep and alignment of the spin could get us all on the right track for better night sleep …so good luck try your self

  29. Michelle   •  

    My husband and I both need a pillow that supports our neck. I usually end up using two pillows and that sometimes work, but he generally continues to have neck pain. We recently spent a small fortune on new foam pillows that are too flat. We saw a Sunday morning ad and decided to try it. I followed the instructions and we used them the first night. After only a couple of nights, the muscles in my husband’s neck are relaxing and he’s waking up headache free. He said he is still getting used to it, but it is working out great. I love that I can fluff it to the right height and it supports my neck completely, all night. It is not hard at all and stays cool. We are mostly side sleepers and the pillow works well for us. We’ll see how it holds up over time, but so far, so good.

  30. Judy   •  

    Was excited to have my new pillow and was very curious as to how it would help me sleep better. Woke up at least a hundred times during the night because of pain in the neck, then at the left side of the head, then at the right side, and finally because it was too hot. This pillow does the exact opposite of what was promised. I am very disappointed and would never recommend it.

  31. Gordon   •  

    A cycling accident in 1987 left me with a minor, permanent neck injury which, when aggravated, activates a migraine headache. I’ve tried all the pillows and spent whatever it took to try to ease the strain on my neck while I slept. Finally, Mypillow has solved it! For 25 years I had awoke with neck pain and a headache, but now that’s all over. I wake up every day without any neck pain and no headache. I would’ve paid ten times as much for this relief! Thanks to Mypillow, my quality of life is much better and I can’t be more grateful.

    • Frank   •  

      Good for you, Gordon. I am very glad it has helped you. Wish I could say the same. I feel like I wasted money on the 2 I bought for my wife and me. I ordered King size and they were pretty big. No complaint there, but for over 60 years I have tried to sleep on my back and just cannot do it. I am a stomach sleeper and I wear a BiPAP mask. MYPillow was too hard and too hot. After 3 days of trying, I went back to my old 10 pound, solid, foam pillow from Select Comfort that I bought 10 years ago for $110. At that time, they had 3 pillows – back sleeper, side sleeper and stomach sleeper. After the first night I got rid of my feather pillows and used my Select Comfort pillow. The only reason I bought the MyPillow was in the hope that I could get rid of my BiPAP. Not going to happen.

  32. Katy   •  

    I purchased my pillow after I saw the infomercial and how wonderful it looked. I suffer from headaches and I thought my pillow would help support my neck and alleviate some of the pressure. I’m not impressed at all with my pillow. After a week I haven’t seen any change in support or alignment. I will be returning my pillow. I don’t get it. Everyone in the infomercials seem so happy….are they all actors? I’ve been fooled.

  33. judy   •  

    My husband and I both hated these pillows. They reminded us of cheap pillows at budget hotels. They were very uncomfortable and not cozy at all. We are used to good down pillows that cradle your head in luxury — these are so not like that. They are definitely NOT worth the price. They certainly did not promote better sleep for us. We had to keep readjusting ourselves throughout the night to get comfortable. BEWARE the money back guarantee!! IT COST US APPROXIMATELY $40 IN SHIPPING FEES! what a rip-off!

  34. judy   •  

    My husband and I both HATED these pillows. They reminded us of cheap pillows at budget hotels. They were very uncomfortable and not cozy at all. We are used to good down pillows that cradle your head in luxury — these are so NOT like that. They are definitely NOT WORTH THE PRICE. They certainly did not promote better sleep for us, as we had to keep readjusting ourselves throughout the night in order to get comfortable. BEWARE THE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! IT COST US APPROXIMATELY $40 IN SHIPPING FEES! What a rip-off!

  35. Karen Banik   •  

    I don’t have a review of the pillow, since I decided to read here first. But, while I was sucked in by the informercial whle I was on vacation, when I went to the website when I returned home, the biggest red flag was the fact that the price is not listed. I have been burned on these TV websites before, when they get your credit card info up front, so, you can’t get out of the transaction when you have buyer’s remorse even before you are done. I did click on “buy now”, since I had no intention of giving my CC info, but, still no price listed. Next step would be to “Add to my cart”. At this point, I thought, let me read the reviews, fully expecting the scam where they are all great reviews and all posted on the same day. But, at least this site was honest since there were a lot of negative reviews. It did take reading a LOT of them before anyone mentioned a price–one was $80 and another was $70. WAY too much for a pillow! Thanks to all the reviewers.

  36. K Marie   •  

    Most stores will let you return – Macy’s gives months, as does Walmart, and Costco – don’t want the hassle nor the cost of shipping to and from – just to try it. Thanks for the reviews everyone.

  37. wise_man   •  

    Everyone please stop wasting money, if there was money spent on infomercials then its a system to get your money! Please please please stop wasting your money! $80 dollars for a pillow, I mean why would it be different than any other pillow! Oh it must be made out of space material. I mean come on, think about it before you buy it. Their system works on impulse, you see it, you buy it! Next time think about it, and say no! For $80 a pillow, it better be plated with gold!

    • ann   •  

      this man started a company that employs American’s and for someone who has restless nights what’s a $80 for ten years…… we spend more on worthless bullshit I’ve bought lots of good products off TV and on line….. read it well and use common sense ….

  38. J   •  

    Here are the most important points for the review:
    10-Year Warranty: This actually hurts my review. If you read the details found on this website:

    You will learn that it only covers workmanship and material defects. I’ve never had a pillow last 10 years. I always replace them because they get dirty with natural oils from hair/skin. At most they a pillow would last like this for 3 years if used daily. So I must conclude that this 10-year warranty is mostly for show. If you take the time to read the details, the truth is that it is not as powerful as it seems.

    60-Money Back Guarantee: Again, the devil is in the details. You have 60-days for any reason to return the pillow. But you are out shipping costs. Others found out the hard way. To be fair, though, they do include this caveat in the fine print. Let this be a lesson that everyone should read the fine print. So while there is a 60-day return policy, it comes with strings. Shipping is $10 to receive it. About the same to send it back. So if you do not like it at all, it will cost you about $20 to make that decision for 60 days.

    Price: Bad. $80 for a pillow? It better be a miracle pillow. But with the mypillow promo code it is 25% off. There is also shipping. 79.95 – 25% discount (19.98) = 59.97 + 9.99 S&H = 69.97. So the total price is going to be $70. Still bad.

    So normally this pillow would be out of the question, but I want a pillow that holds shape and is soft.

    Product: It is not worth it. I would pay maybe $30 bucks for this. It is a quality pillow, but not extraordinary.

    Overall Review: 2 out of 5 stars.

  39. Mike Wilks   •  

    The MyPillow company makes the bulk of it’s money from returns.. If you figure it out, they are making $20.00+ dollars from you on every refunded transaction and they aren’t out any product in return.. Biggest scam ever.. Wise up people…

  40. Richard   •  

    Glad I found this site. Was going to give on of these a try but all the negatives and the price have swayed me away. I do want to comment on the complaints about return shipping costs. Next time you return whatever to your local Macy’s, etc. Demand they reimburse your gas money for having to return it to the store….. Not sure it will go over very well. Not saying I like it either but the simple fact is, if you want to return something for a refund, local or online, you are responsible for getting it there. Driving your car and burning gas, or shipping…. both cost you money. Locally it also cost you that money to drive there in the first place.

    • Sara   •  

      Most stores like Macy’s, Costco Target and I hear Walmart all accept returns over a long period of time. Just wait until you are going shopping again and then return it. Won’t cost you any extra and they give you your money back right away or they credit your account. sounds like you have a long wait for the refund from these folks. I return things that aren’t good including a flat screen TV to Costco. I had to shop anyway and they were so nice they even said better to take the money back than get the same model. They even recommended their favorite and called all the local Costco’s to find one for us. So be sensible and save gas and your time. Even more valuable than money.

  41. Rosie   •  

    Not very good for stomach sleeper’s like me. I can see a side or back sleeper where this pillow could be 100% but as for a stomach sleeper, NOT. Even if you get the yellow pillow – If you don’t mind a big piece of foam jamming into your face or eye. If they made a pillow with smaller foam pieces for stomach sleeper’s. O.K. but I guess Michael Lindell sleeps on his back counting our money and not thinking of us. The bad part is when you go to ship it back – get ready to pay. UPS ground costs me $18 from Colorado to Minnesota since the company is out in the boonies. So I am out $28 for trying it since I lost the $9.95 flat rate shipping to me also.

  42. Ben   •  

    You guys are all morons, You think they get the shipping?? that goes to the company they use to ship the customers their products (UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx)…

    “Mike Wilks May 11, 2012 at 7:12 pm
    The MyPillow company makes the bulk of it’s money from returns.. If you figure it out, they are making $20.00+ dollars from you on every refunded transaction and they aren’t out any product in return.. Biggest scam ever.. Wise up people…”

    ^^^ Also this guy doesnt understand anything. You think pillow/bed companies are allowed to REUSE products that people have already slept on?!?!?! We arent in China, there are STRICT rules against everything that is made and distributed in the U.S.A. so to say that they make money on people that do returns is just stupid. Plus thats disgusting.

    And Im also sick of seeing people complain about not knowing how to ship things cheap, When I need to ever return things you get the smallest box you can find, shrink the product as small as possible and send via USPS. This pillow cant weigh that much and to spend 40$ to ship is just outrageous on your part. Obviously you just shouldnt buy anything if you cant handle shipping.

    After reading this sites reviews on every product known to man its apparent this is were the “geniuses” of the world come to complain about things. Thanks for the so called reviews, but Ill trust my own opinion and try it myself instead of listening to these hillbillies who dont own credit cards haha.

    • Jbeezey   •  

      Maybe you need to learn the basics of composition before
      offering your critique. Your spelling, and punctuation are at
      a remedial level at best. Look that up.

      • Sara   •  

        So maybe not everyone has your articulate vocabulary and advanced composition style. People are free to voice their opinions in whatever manner they are able. Also, they are sleep deprived and probably just can’t focus as well as they need, because these pillows didn’t work for them. Everyone is different and what a boring world it would be if we weren’t. Look up compassion and empathy in the dictionary, more important than punctuation and spelling. I wouldn’t be so crabby if I actually got some sleep myself. Thank you Mr. Chips sleep well.

    • Natalie   •  


  43. Unhappy   •  

    I do not recommend this pillow at all. My husband was taken in by the hype at a home show and bought one for each of us. It was comfortable at first. But I woke up several times during the night in discomfort. Finally at 6 a.m. I tossed it to the floor and resumed sleeping on my old pillow. My husband had a similar uncomfortable night and also ended up sleeping on his old pillow. We both suffered sore necks and shoulders all day. The stuffing feels like little boulders. DO NOT BUY THIS…it’s awful.

    • Roms   •  

      Your husband is funny! I look froawrd to the updates.P.S Anne, you are obviously somebody who is very critical of others. Instead of seeing the pic for what it is, you chose to nitpick on the fact that the pillow does not have a cover!I never even noticed that!However I suppose the world has got to have people like you!

  44. Unbelievable   •  

    My, oh, my….how can this company spend so much on TV advertising? I see them on several DirecTV stations at the same time! Unbelievable! I have heard that if you have back problems that the neck is often the source of the problem, therefore, having a good pillow is better than having a good mattress. I sleep on my stomach. Is there any hope with this pillow for me? I like something somewhat firm and contouring to my face/head. Will this benefit me?

  45. Simon Royal   •  

    I need to start a twelve step program to deal with my fascination for this product. I think its very interesting how people are so divided in their opinions of My Pillow. There are pros and cons for sure but there is no real consensus of opinion out there. It IS a lumpy pillow but on the other hand it gives fantastic support. It DOES heat up but not nearly as much as a regular pillow. And yes, it IS a noisy pillow but not nearly enough to bother most people. I can see why folks are split when it comes to rating this pillow. But remember, there aren’t nearly enough nasty trolls or company representatives out there to account for all the cacophony surrounding My Pillow.
    I bought the “green” king-sized, pillow myself and my head usually ends up in a valley between the two puffy ends BUT it is a really comfortable valley nontheless. What makes it for me though is the fact that I don’t wake up with any neck pain. I’ve always been a knockout sleeper once my head hits the pillow (a clean conscience is priceless) but I usually end up sleeping on my hand. This invariably leaves me with a stiff jaw and a wicked pian in my neck. Despite its contradictions, My Pillow has solved this problem for me.
    And for that reason alone, I’m glad that I bought it. If I had to really work hard for my money then I probably would never pay this much for one as you can get a decent pillow for much less and not have to toss the dice with all of My Pillow’s contradictions (any one of which might lead you to return it). But it HAS made a difference for me and for that reason I give it a thumbs up. But obviously a lot of people are having issues and that sucks…

    • Lungile   •  

      Love these! I’m sort of over my couch right now, but I don’t really have the funds to buy a new one so I was tikihnng a few throw pillows would spruce it up. :)BTW I gave you an award in my blog post today. Check it out!

  46. Terry   •  

    MyPillow failed to issue a refund on pillow that caused stiff neck and headaches, They did exchange once, but there was a delay.
    I orderd a My Pillow based on my XXL T-Shirt size (the BLUE label) and I got a pillow that was HUGE and so hard it was like sleeping on a rock. I woke with a stiff neck and a headache every morning. I wrote the company and had to pay to have the pillow returned and they sent me
    a smaller pillow (Queen size?) in a large box and not in an origianl wrapper so I suspect it was a returned pillow. This pillow has also resulted in a sore stiff neck and headaches in the morning. I tried to get a refund and the Customer Service Dept. refused to issue a refund stating that I was now over the 60-Day Trial even though I went through the pillow exchange and had to wait weeks to get the replacement pillow. I purchased on-line #100320781 on March 31, 2012 and tried to get a refund today 6-19-12. They refused stating my last day for a refund wa June 6th. They also stated:


    I understand your frustration, but our policy does state that the 60 days does start when the first product is received.

    Customer Service
    952-442-6199 or 1-800-308-1299

    I sleep with a BIPAP machine with headgear and I need a good nights sleep which this pillow does not provide adn all I want is a refund of the $69.91 I spent on t his pillow. I am not asking for a refund on the return shipping on the first pillow even though I orderd it based on their policy of using your T_Shirt size to order a pillow! I just want my money back on a very bad product that does not work as advertised. I was willing to give them a second chance and tried the samller pillow – same results.

    • Sara   •  

      Call a local news program, maybe they have a consumer protection group that will report on the company and help get your money back. I know it depends on where you live, but many TV stations and some radio stations have these protection groups. Good luck. I had a similar problem over a laptop computer that actually melted. The company said I had the computer 13 months. A month over the warranty. They actually had the computer over 8 months of the 13 and I had to fight with them from the very first overheat and crash. I finally got so angry I stood in the front of the store yelling for about 30 minutes until they got a manager and though not completely satisfied I got a store refund for the entire price of the computer. I would never shop there again. Totally disreputable company. I also told them as a university lecturer in computer applications, I recommend computers and I had access to hundreds of students that will not shop at their stores. It wasn’t everything I wanted, but it was better than anything else they offered. Good luck and Good sleep.

  47. Lucy   •  

    Bought 2 of these “great” pillows. Worked fine for about a month. After that, I started getting pain in my right shoulder, and neck. Next day, I got pain in left shoulder and neck. Never had neck or shoulder pain before, even with cheap pillows from Walmart. Just for the heck of it, went back to my old pillow which is about a year old – woke up with no neck or shoulder pain. I can’t believe it. When it first happened, my husband said, “Sounds like a pillow problem”. I said, “No, no, the pillow is suppose to be for people that have neck and shoulder pain”, (which I never had before). Wouldn’t dare tell him how much I paid for these pillows. Bottom line – SAVE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE!

  48. Jbeezey   •  

    WOW, am I glad that I read your reviews before purchasing.
    The reviewer that said the tip off was not giving the actual
    price upfront was totally correct. That fact of “non disclosure” alone
    reeks of a SCAM tactic so “CONSUMER BEWARE.”
    Now, as to Kayla from NO customer service who gave the scripted reply.

    “I understand your frustration, but our policy does state that the 60 days does start when the first product is received.”

    Customer Service
    952-442-6199 or 1-800-308-1299

    The buyer that thought his 60 day approval would start with his new pillow, had every right to expect that. How can you try a new pillow
    within their guidelines, if they don’t even include a trial period with each pillow they send. Obviously this practice is meant for their protection of YOUR money. That is simply a bad business practice.
    Since their info commercial proudly claims they have never had a
    complaint to the Better Business Bureau I suggest that those of you that have had a less than satisfactory experience let them know.
    Customers UNIFY for FAIR BUSINESS, and hold them accountable!

  49. South Texan   •  

    Interesting comments. We got a couple of these as gifts a few years ago. Used for about 3 nights then went back to the $15 Kohls pillows. Hate to think anyone would be suckered into actually buying. So far as the returns go– got some friends who live in the area that these are made. Said they wouldn’t let their dog sleep on anything coming out of the building they are made in. Toured it with an employee that they know, they were unpacking returns, removing the covers and throwing the fill right back in with the new stuffing–yuck. I would say stay away.

  50. Lynn   •  

    I am very disappointed in “My Pillow”..I wish it had not taken this long to feel this way, the first few weeks I did rest better and sleep better also, but now I am so uncomfortable with this pillow that I find myself sleeping on one of my olderst pillows and find more comfort. I threw out the box and all that went with it in the first couple of weeks because I thought I had hit the “pillow jackpot”.. but unfortunately, I paid a lot to be uncomfortable again. I wonder if they would take it back after over a month of using it without packaging. My mistake. A good lesson to be learned though.

  51. jody mabe   •  

    the pillow is not worth the money, i had a even stiffer neck & sore body after using it, now i am out 75$ & its in my closet collecting dust. so i got burned again, beleiving crap on tv!!!! i cant return it because i threw away the packaging,

  52. wayne   •  

    I purchased a standard/queen pillow from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I put it in the dryer per instructions and was really impressed with the pillows loft. But after a nights use, it seems to have gone flatter than a cheap pillow. When I “scrunch” it, it’s only about 12″ x 12″ (nowhere near queen size) and feels like a pillow case stuffed with t-shirts, not soft at all. It seems like this pillow doesn’t have enough stuffing material. I think this would be a great pillow if it just had more fill material.
    This pillow was WAY, WAY too expensive for being so flat. My $30 pillows are much better. At the current prices I’m not inclined to order a firmer pillow from this company

  53. Jgirl   •  

    Ive had the pillow for several months now. Its too soft, and doesnt seem to be any better than any other pillow.. I dont really like it that much & want to buy a new pillow but, I dont know what kind to get.

  54. Stan   •  

    I purchased the pillow and found it TOTALLY useless. I expected it to provide a cooling effect when I napped or went to sleep at night. I laughed at how stupid I was to buy the pillow. It didn’t do any cooling at all! Don’t waste your money!


  55. Sharon Vinal   •  

    I bought My Pillow Saturday night and I cant beleive it but it WORKS!!!!! I love it!!! Its everything they promised and more. It cud be alittle cheaper. But Ive tried everything trying to acheive a good nightslep, And Ive tried it all. And Im so pleased to say my search is over.

  56. jim   •  

    OMG!!! This is the worst pillow I have ever slept on. It feels like you are sleeping on rocks,all that material inside bunches up and you cant turn your head , what a ripe off.. I will stick to my memory foam that’s a great pillow.

  57. Shirley Meyer   •  

    First off, I was really, REALLY hoping that this pillow would be the on for me….but SADLY it is not. When I first go to bed a fluff it up, it is great. Buuuut. It doesn’t stay that way. Maybe I just move around to much. But everyone does, so I am not sure how it stays fluffed up and support your neck. The simple movement of turning from side to side flattens it out. They you have to totally sit up and shake and shift the stuffing : ( Very disruptive to your sleep. Once again, when it is fluffed up it is great. I thought maybe I needed to get used to it, but 9 months later it still isn’t working! : ( My husband got on too, and he is not happy either. He had to put a smaller pillow under his to keep his head raised up. Pretty pricey pillow to not work…..FYI….This pillow is loud too. Strange thing to say about a pillow but it is true!

  58. Alex S   •  

    BEWARE OF RETURN POLICY! They trick you with the “I Guarantee It’s The Most Comfortable Pillow You’ll Ever Own!”™, but ONLY if you are willing to pay $15-$20 out of your own money to exchange it! That is the most ridiculous policy I have heard! Especially when I went based on THEIR recommendation! YOU are the pillow expert, not me! If it’s not a good fit, I shouldn’t have to pay 1/4th of the price just to get a pillow that’s right for me. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! BUYER BEWARE!

  59. daniei coates   •  

    I had heard a lot about this pillow(advertising) but decided to read some reviews before I bought it.I’m so glad I did,I will not be buying this pillow,thanks to all of you that posted,wish eveyone would research products before they buy.I also noticed some really harsh posts directed at some else’s post,please dont be mean to to others,all that does is diminish who you are.

  60. Paula   •  

    I wish I would have checked out this site before purchasing 2 of “my pillows.” I woke up after 1 hour the first night, threw “my pillow” on the floor, and pulled out my old pillow. My husband slept on his all night but said he is not impressed. Since I prefer a flatter pillow I guess I will just remake it by taking it apart, remove some of the stuffing and try it again. It’s always a hassle to have to return something, especially when they don’t cover any of the shipping costs. The pillows are definitely not worth the big price tag.

  61. connie   •  

    I was going to buy his pillow at Riteaid, but after reading these review I will not be buying this, Thankgoodness for these reviews

  62. Jeremy Bordner   •  

    Well, I was talking to my sister and brother-in-law who were getting ready to order this pillow and I told them I think it would be great as long as it’s the right size. DO NOT TRUST THEIR CHARTS! I am a side sleeper,(6’3 245Lbs.), and it is too thick. Go with a size under when you order one so you don’t get burned like I did. I am a very lower income family and desperately needed this pillow, but has sat in it’s pillow case for the past year.(In which I had to use my tax refund to purchase.) My sister had mentioned since it’s like new, and for customer satisfaction, call them and send your(Like New) Mypillow back, and they would probably send you the smaller size. I have been in sales for 15 years and am not one to complain, but am learning you kind of need to be a pain in the ass to not get the runaround and actually get results. Sad but true. I have sold cars for 15 years and seen it time and time again. Nevertheless, Mypillow said sorry nothing we can do unfortunately. I don’t want them to just send me a new one. I would have paid shipping and sent mine back, but I guess this awesome “Made in America” company must be struggling too much. The owner must need the $72 more than I!(1 income with 4 children). Thank you so much Mypillow. Keep that American Pride alive!!!

  63. RJ   •  

    What a rip off!!!!!! They say 60 days? You call in, and get a rude person, who tells you that you need to wait until the 60 days run out to break it in. Their chart is right, it can,t be too high, there must be something wrong with you? Then they inform you that it,s too late,and you are now stuck with it. I was told I could rip open the seam, and take out some of the lumpy stuffing, and use safty pins to close it back up. I asked what the 10 year warranty covered. Maybe after it gets hard enough that when it falls off the bed it will break? They have no idea, they probably won,t be around by then anyway. I told them they should have a prorated refund policy like they have for tires, at least you could get something back, for the first year. Never heard back from them. I have filed a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission, and my state attourney generals office. Hope you do too.

  64. Shawna   •  

    HANDS DOWN THE WORST PILLOW I HAVE EVER OWNED!!!!!!’ I have never woken up so many times each night to fluff the pillow and get comfortable, and my neck hurts more now than ever! It has never once held it’s shape and they let me return the first one and try a different size to see if that helped . NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT!! It’s awful!! Back to Tempur Pedic I go!!!!!

  65. steve in NYC   •  

    Didn’t do a thing for me. I ordered 2 pillows, the regular and the overstuffed. The pillows felt like there were broken pieces of foam in them. Neither one stayed cool (as mentioned in the commercial), sent them back on Feb 4, ups tracking showed they arrived on the 7th. Today being the 26th, still no refund on my card. Called them today and they said it would be 30 days for a refund (minus shipping). NOT WORTH THE PRICE, NOR HEADACHE OF THIS COMPANY!

  66. kathryn   •  

    This is a monumental scam product. I purchased “My Pillow” for $59+ at Rite Aid. I now have a terrible neck issue, when I slept on the pillow I had awful dreams and awakened sleeping on my hands, with an imprint of my wedding ring on my face! I called the company and found out that they do not guarantee any pillow purchased in a retail store and that if I had spent $90 online, I could have had the “premium pillow.” I said “But I just saw the commercial on TV and the man never says anything about retail vs. online purchase and the box my pillow came in has his face on it and all your phone numbers!” The supervisor in customer service said, “Oh, that commercial was made two years ago, before he sold the product to “As Seen On TV. You can’t get your money back from us because we don’t have your money.” I urge anyone considering buying this pillow to FORGET IT! The owner of this company is a flim-flam artist. I’m calling the Better Business Bureau tomorrow. What a rip-off.

  67. Leticia   •  

    I bought 3 pillows based on the positive reviews that I read. Hoping that I would be able to sleep better. Well, I still have sleepless nights, but the pillow is very comfortable and I must admit that I sleep better than I have been. My gripe about the pillow is that it is suggested that you can only get it through the My Pillow website or order it on the phone. So I tell you buyer beware. I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond a month ago and they had a few of them in their clearance section for $29.99. I paid $90.00 each for these pillows. I was so pissed off that I emailed the company to complain and they have yet to respond. Not happy!

  68. Rose   •  

    Before the My Pillow, I had a lot of pain, headaches, neck and back pain, so I did not sleep well. I was desperate and so excited with the claims, I finally decided to “pay the price”, which was extreme for my income. After using the pillow for several months in hope of relief, I STILL HAVE THE HEADACHES. NECK AND BACK PAIN. i STILL DO NOT SLEEP WELL. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON “MY PILLOW”. I should have remembered the old saying that if it sounds too good to be true, well, you know the rest. The owner should be ashamed of himself.

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