Trendy Top Review

Trendy Top Wrap Reviews:

Everyone has done it: Exposed the plumbers crack. This product prevents it so you do not have to keep pulling up your jeans or readjust your top.

The Trendy Top™ wrap for women could be the perfect solution for lovers of low-rise jeans. It also gives you the ‘layered’ look without the bulk. As an added benefits: It also covers muffin tops, if you have one. If you want to look chic without bulkiness, then this product may just be for you.

Will It Stay On Throughout the Day?

According to a few friends that have tried the product, it does work and doesn’t interfere with everyday activities. It stays on your body — and is not a distraction (you do not have to keep adjusting it unnaturally). It does prevent ‘peekabo’ panties. For that reason alone we give it a thumbs up.

The bad news is that it only comes in two colors: Black and white. Although it stays on firm during the day, it sometimes rolls up when you sit in seats with a lot of friction (e.g. cars). One of our trendy tops had stray threads–but that was easily remedied with scissors. Update 4/26/2012: Numerous people have contacted me and said the string issue has been fully resolved with their order.

Despite some minor imperfections, I highly recommend this product mainly because it gives you confidence:

First—You are confident you will not expose yourself.

Second—The trendy top firms out your body. This makes your body smoother (immediately eliminates any hint of a muffin top) and increases confidence. Once you get used to it, it just feels good—you kind of feel a naked without it.

Update: Trendy Top finally listened to us, they now offer in grey/beige. (In addition to black/white). They have been offering different bonus offers. Check the bonus offer below…

From the Infomercial:

Get that trendy, layered look with no bulk.

Trendy Top Features & Benefits:

Does the fabric stretch? Yes the fabric stretches for optimal comfort.

Does the fabric become loose? No, it is designed to stay on your body.

Does it roll or fold up while you are wearing it? No reports so far.

Important Sizing Information

What sizes are available? There is small, medium and large. Based on feedback from some people, these are how you should size your purchase:

Small/Medium: 0-8
Large: 10-14
X-Large: 16-20+

If you are in-between the sizing chart, go smaller because it is very expandable.

Where to Buy Trendy Top:

As it turns out, you can only buy trendy top from their website or over the phone.

Buy on their official website  check for bonus (2 free) offer…

Trendy Top, How Does It Work?

Trendy Top wraps around your waist — the area where skin or undergarments are likely to show — when you shirt moves up or low-rider jeans moves too far down.

Basically, it covers your waist area like a camisole covers the chest.

Trendy Top, Does It Really Work?

Yes, it has worked for a few of my friends.

Trendy Top, What Do I Get?

We pulled the offer details on 12/6/2011. Offer Details: Buy 2 (black and white) Trendy Top™ wraps for $10 plus $7.95 P&H and we’ll double the offer for FREE! *Just pay separate P&H.

Before you order please confirm the offer did not change.

Customer Service Number for Trendy Top?

You can also check your order status 24 hours a day at www.customerstatus.comPhone: 866-518-2290

Can I buy Trendy Top in Stores?

No, at this time Trendy Top has not been spotted in stores.

Trendy Top Pros/Cons?

Pros: Works, easy to use.
Cons: Only two colors.

Trendy Top Consumer Reviews:

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