Lint Lizard Reviews

Lint Lizard Review:

There is something definitely satisfying about cleaning all the lint in your dryer. I think that is why many people end up liking the lint cleaning lizard.

In theory, you should only need the lint cleaning lizard IF you do not clean your dryer’s own lint catcher regularly. OR you have family members that forget to change the lint catcher between cycles. OR you can see buildup in your dryer for whatever reason.

Cleaning lint not only increases performance from an energy perspective — but it also makes for cleaner clothes — and can be viewed as a safety precaution. A dryer may become as hot as 170 degrees and improper ventilation could cause a fire. A consumer product safety commission recently noted that about 15,000 fires per year are started as a result of dryer issues. The lint lizard may help.

You will find that this lizard also collects hair/crumbs/paper bits/tissue/etc… caught in the dryer’s lint trap. You will likely clean up more lint than you ever expected to find.

The infomercial says that you need a vacuum. Most issues with this product arise from the type of vacuum you own.

If you have a vacuum that does not have a standard type hose, you may find the Lint Lizard does not fit. In addition, if you have a very powerful vacuum, it may collapse the hose — although this is very rare.

Lint Lizard Pros/Cons?


  • Keeps dryer running in top shape
  • Maximizes energy efficiency
  • Cleans lint in dryer vents; preventing fire
  • Works well in other places like heater vents; the back/under of a fridge


  • Vacuum attachment may not fit all vacuums
  • Powerful vacuum may collapse tube

Lint Lizard Features & Benefits:

  • attaches to your vacuum
  • special fan designed to clean vents
  • 44″ long to clean deep into your vents
  • clean under heavy appliances as well

Where to Buy Lint Lizard:

  1. Buy online: Lint Lizard Deal @
    (Deal Today! Use Coupon Code TVREV10 for 10% off entire order).

Lint Lizard in Action:

Lint Lizard, Does It Really Work?

Yes, it works provided you follow the instructions — some users report problem if they have a vacuum that is not standard.

Can I buy Lint Lizard in Stores?

Lint Lizard is in some stores–but mostly sold out.

Lint Lizard Reviews:

Please post a review below about your experience(s) with the Lint Lizard.  Share your Lint Lizard experience with others below. Let fellow buyers know whether this product works or is it a scam – use the “Write a Review” form below to send your feedback.


  1. Does The Lint Lizard Work?   •  

    Well it works with the best feature. It sucks out all the lint and the other dust/little papers/crumps/hair/threads/etc. that fall off the lint trap when you take it out. Or that get stuck in the creases of the dryer or forever reason do not stick to the lint trap. My dryer’s lint trap is on the top of the dryer. It is a small flip open top. You pull out a long rectangular and curved lint trap.

    You can also use this product to get in hard to reach places. For example, the back of my refrigerator has a lot of dust. I can run the lint lizard back and I was amazed how much dust I saw in my vacuum. (I have a vacuum that has a clear container and you can see the dirt spinning around.

    Anyway… this as seen on tv offer actually alerted me to this problem of lint accumulating for years. I probably sucked up plenty of lint from a couple of years ago. I don’t mean to gross anyone out; but enough came up that it must have been a couple of years worth.


  2. sally   •  

    I agree. If your clothes take longer to dry, you may have clogs. Removing lint from the ducts using the lint wizard can help.

    ALSO – if you use fabric softener sheets: The residue from the dryer sheets may clog your lint filter. Take out your lint filter and run some water through it. If it does go through easily, you are fine. If not, clean it with soap. This may make it easier for air to get through.

  3. Georgane   •  

    > Does it really work like you see on TV?
    Yes and no. There is normal sales puffery. It is sometimes awkward poking the lint lizard down chutes – but eventually you do get a bunch of lint.

    > Is it really effective?
    Yeah, you actually collect more lint than you ever imagine. Let me be clear, I have always cleaned my lint trap after and before each use. I have other family members that do not. So I was surprised.

    > What are the advantages and disadvantages?
    The advantage is that you do not have to hire a professional that charges hundreds of dollars. The disadvantages are that you don’t know for sure if you got all the lint. I guess you can be satisfied that you collect lint.

    > Can you buy lint lizard in stores?
    I have not noticed any places. I ordered online.

    > Was shipping, handling and processing fee fair enough or really high?
    If you order the bonus products, yes. If not, it is not that high. Just so you know, you are charged additional shipping and handling for each bonus you buy. So you are kind of paying for an additional one; so it is not free. So just remember that when you order.

    > Do you think Lint Lizard is a scam?
    No. It works – and did the job of cleaning some lint.

  4. J. Glowaki   •  

    Thanks for letting us know about this product!

  5. Joe K.   •  

    I have tried the lizard and it did clean up lint for me.

    I do not know how much faster it made my dryer. But I know it did.

    My dryer only goes up to 40 minutes on the cycle I use. Before lint lizard my clothes would be dry; but still not fully dry. After cleaning the lint my clothes are fully dry. I still use the same amount of time; but my feeling is it made it faster.

  6. L. Abbott   •  

    Does it fit a Dyson vacuum?

    • Santee   •  

      It fits all standard vacuum cleaners. IT may not fit industrial sizes.

  7. Melissa   •  

    not bad.

    so the lint lizard is basically what you see on the infomercial. it’s nothing magic. just a vacum that sucks up lint. i’ve cleaned my dryer twice. a long time ago i got one of those long brushes at home depot. it got some lint. i didn’t feel like those long bushes got all the lint. so when i got an email about the lint lizard it made sense to at least try it.

    i think it does clean up more lint than those long brushes. i do not know if it made my dryer more faster as i never really cared. my clothes got dry before and they do now. i usally just hit the dryer and crash for the night. but i’m happy just knowing that my dryer is as clean as can be.

  8. carrie   •  

    i’m just a neat freak that’s why i got it. wasn’t clogged. didn’t really need to to lower my dryer’s drying time. just wanted to get the lint. it does get lint. i might have made my dryer faster. but i didn’t really pay attention.

  9. J.D.   •  

    > Have you used the Lint Lizard? Is it worth it? Does it speed your dryer by 15 minutes?
    I agree with the others that it cleans more than you’d image. But it didn’t make my dryer faster. Now it may be that my dryer was pretty clean or running well. If that’s the issue than, so be it.

    > Does it collect all the lint from your dryer?
    No way to really know unless you send down a probing camera. I got lint; I can see it in my vacuum.

    > Is it mess free?
    Yes It’s a whole lot cleaner than brushes I used to use.

    > Is it easy to use?
    Yes. It’s really a long tube that fits in your vacuum. If you can use a vacuum you can use the lint lizard.

    > Can you use it for cleaning the outdoor vents?
    Yes & No. It’s not terribly long; but you can.

  10. j.p.   •  

    i’m glad i cleaned my dryer. i got an extra one as bonus. didn’t need that. but it worked.

  11. Jordan   •  

    we didn’t clean our dryer for several years. it stopped working. will this help?

  12. brent   •  

    it works great

  13. Mary   •  

    Nice system and stuff. I got it. CAn’t wait.

  14. Mike   •  

    I failed to clean my dryer for 4 years and it suddenly quit drying clothes and was not moving air at all to the vent outside. I had to remove the vent duct from the back of the dryer ( a real pain in the butt ) and it was totally clogged with hardened lint. I removed the obstruction by hand and it now works. My wife constantly fails to clean the lint screen and I believe that is why I had this problem. I have read other reviews about the Lint Wizard and they were very negitave because the hose collapses. I went to the hard ware store and had then cut off 5′ of 1 inch hard clear tubing ( $3,29 ) and I put the hose into the vacuum hose and tape it in place and use it from outside and clean the dryer vent. Also stick hose down into filter vent and suck up lint that way also. I am always skeptical of “as seen on tv” deals and they have too many add on charges.

    • George   •  

      That’s another ‘dryer vent cleaner.’ Yes, the ‘Lint Wizard’ is bad. The Lint Lizard is better. The Wizard is a knock-off. (It isn’t green like the lint lizard). I also read that review — but if you look at the description and picture carefully; it 1) never mentions the lint lizard by name. 2) the picture of the product is white where it should be green if it was a lint lizard. The Lint Lizard is worth a try — so I’d put the duct tape away….

  15. tammy   •  

    i like it for cleaning dust in the very back of my cabinets.

  16. Charlie   •  

    Ordered it and got an extra one.

  17. J.T.   •  

    My dryer is cleaned.

  18. Kelly   •  

    This is good to reach under hard to reach places.

  19. George   •  

    It’s only online or by phone right now.

  20. john   •  

    I never got the chance to find out how well this works because when I called to order it I was bombarded with “if you add this… ” and other pushy offers that I got so frustrated that I hung up with out completing my order. At one point it would not even let me say no!! But you know what?? you can just go to home depot and buy a length of tubing and stick it on the end of the tapered end vacuum attachment and BOOM ! instant Lint LIzzard!!

    • Dave   •  


      It took almost 20 minutes of ads you have to go through when I ordered through their 800 number, and, kept declining all the offers, including travel, etc. they make you. Still awaiting product after 4 weeks and still not sure how television offer of 10.99 turned into 24.97 on credit card.

      Apparently it is a good product from reviews, however, their “pushy offers” will turn off some people. They get your credit card number right away, and, then continue to offer other add-ons or unrelated offers, that makes it appear to be a big scam.

      Perhaps ordering over the Internet may be a better way!

      • Teresa   •  

        Each “free” extra cost additional shipping of something like $6.99 so if you accept the “Free” products take the number of “free” products and times it by 6.99. Giant rip off. That is where they make their money. The “free” extra shipping.

  21. Bigneet   •  

    @Mike who posted Jan. 26, 2012..
    That’s what i’m talking about ! You go Mike! Ingnuenity at its best!

    I’m a 62yr. old gmom and always looking for a better, cheaper, but proven way!
    thanks for the tip
    God Bless!

  22. Sally   •  

    Dont waste your money. Hose stiff, doesn’t stay attached to vacumn

  23. SHANNON STROUD   •  

    Walmart has the lint lizard now for 10.97.

  24. Carol   •  

    I bought the Lint Lizard at Bed Bath and Beyond. Quite simply it does not work, at least for me. The hose is not 44 inches long, rather the clear inflexible hose is 28 inches long. As per the instructions, I used a hair dryer, then hot water then boiling water to make it more flexible with no results; it still is curled as it was in the package. It does not pick up the lint in the Maytag Neptune area where the screen goes nor can I get it down the vent hole because it is stiff and curls. The screen is consistently cleaned out, but lint is still in evidence. I am quite angry about wasting money on this product.

  25. lori   •  

    the lint lizard is not what it claims. it does not fit any vac cleaner, and the tube is not flexible. I could not get it to go in the direction I was trying to clean . When using takes more than 2 hands to use. 1 to hold it on to sweeper, one to move in the dryer and another to get it to go in the direction you need it to go. If I can find way to do so, WILL BE RETURNING THIS

  26. Renee   •  

    Well, it didn’t work for me, but it might be because my dryer vent goes to the top of the house as opposed to going down to the ground. Had I known that it would work with that type of vent, I would have saved my money. Hopefully the free attachment that I received with it, will help clean up the area around my computer!

  27. Diane   •  

    I was very careful in navigating through the order screens. I ordered 1 lint lizard for $10.99 plus an additional lint lizard w/ dust lizard for $6.99 (I was aware this part was not free as they claim). You are not given the opportunity to review and approve the order, you are just taken to the order summary screen. This is where you will find the additional items which you did not order but will be charged for. Within seconds, I called 800-203-4526, the number you are instructed to call to “confirm you order”. This is where they hit you up with a sales pitch, not sure what for because I interrupted the young lady and told her I wanted to cancel my order. She then directs me to another phone number. So I’m supposed to call this number to confirm my order, but no one there can help me to cancel it? I then called 800-777-4034. My order is not yet in the system. Call back in 24-72 hours. If they can’t help me I’ll have to dipute through my bank. Don’t bother yourself ordering online.
    As for the performance of the product, wish I knew! I recommend you look for it stores if you still want to try it out!

  28. Larry Mueller   •  

    This is the biggest rip-off I’ve ever encountered. 1st when I ordered it you don’t get a person to talk to and in the end I wasn’t even sure of what I was getting because of how confusing they make the order. I called to talk to a person and got diconected 3 times before I even got to speak to someone and spent 2.5 hours on the phone. They told me they would knock $5 off the price which was a lie. When I got the bill I had to pay the full amount. Then when I got it the hose was too big to fit in my dryer where the lint goes. It was also too short and was curved so I couldn’t get it to even pick up dust between my washer and dryer. I threw it in the trash after one use and will never buy anything offered on TV again.

  29. texasmamaof2   •  

    O.k Larry I agree with you on this. It is a rip off. I tried going to their website and to order one. Instead I got charged for 3. When I tried calling to get my money back, they told me they would put my order on hold for a few days so I wouldn’t be charged on my credit card then I could go back and re- order the lint lizard if I chose too. Well after 3 days their was a charge on my bank account for 3 of them and I was so mad. I called them back and I kept getting hung upon. After about the 7th or 8th try, I finally I get some-one who was like from India. I told him what had happened and that I only wanted one lint lizard to try and how could I send the other 2 back once I received them. They told me they would knock 5 dollars off the price and I could keep the other 2. I told them no that it wouldn’t do and I wanted a refund but they then disconnected me. I’ve since then have received the products and went ahead since I was stuck with them and tried one. I opened the package and their was not very good instructions to explain how to put the product together. I couldn’t make heads or tails what part went were. It took several attempts to figure it out. Once, I figured that part out, I couldn’t get it to fit my vacuum cleaner attachments nor is their anyway to adjust it. It would also help if it had a locking mechanism. I tried taping the gadget on but it won’t stay on. As far as cleaning my dryer it’s a sham. No matter what I tried to do, no lint came out. I tried vacuuming lint that had fallen out of my trap to see if it worked and it does suck it up. So, I attempted again. Nothing would come out of my dryer so my conclusion is my lint trap works just fine on collecting the lint and also a simple wire brush collects the strays. So is it worth the money? In my opinion no. Its nothing but a rip off. So don’t waste your money. I have never been so disappointed in a product and the customer service as I am with the lint lizard. I may not be able to get my money back since they will not refund but maybe I can help people avoid my mistake. Beware!!!!!

  30. Larry Mowe   •  

    I can’t believe I fell for this one. The clear plastic part and the green part fit together so loosely that it is impossible to use. Also, I was never able to get the bend out of the clear plastic extension tube. There were also some ordering problems. When I ordered, there was no one to talk to, just an automated phone tree which continually tried to sell me additional products. I eventually hung up. But then I could not find out from my credit card company or the 800 number whether my order went through. I tried to cancel, but 2 months later I got a phone call that the order could not be filled. I asked about a refund to my credit card and the caller claimed to not be able to tell me anything more. The order arrived in the mail the next day. What a joke. And a waste. No sense trying to get a refund – most of what I paid for was shipping.

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