Perfect Tortilla Bowl Reviews



  • Baked tortillas
  • Never fried
  • Unique wavy design
  • Versatile


  • You may need to heat tortilla in microwave to conform to pan perfectly


It’s an excellent way to make tortillas.

Before you get started with this product, you should know: Before you put a tortilla in the bowl–we recommend you soften the tortilla in the microwave. This will make it easier for the tortilla to conform to the bowl and make a more perfect tortilla shape.

Aside from this — it works perfectly — and is easier and healthier than deep-frying tortillas.

No oil or anything is necessary.

But if you WANT a more crunchy/fried tortilla–all you have to do is coat each side of the soft tortilla with oil before you put it in the over. This makes the finished product nearly identical to the bowls you buy in the store. As for me, I prefer the healthier version. It’s up to you.

This is a product you should consider strongly. This is because to get bowls like the tortilla maker you will have to buy them at the store. The problem with the store-bought ones is that they are almost always fried. This is not healthy. It is also not as convenient as going to the store.


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Offer Deals/What Do I Get?

When ordering today, you will receive the Perfect Tortilla™ mold for $10.00 +$7.95 P&H, plus we will include a 2nd Perfect Tortilla™ mold for FREE, just pay the added $7.95 P&H. Plus, as a special gift, we will include the Cut ‘n Cup™ Slicer – 100% FREE!

Customer Reviews:

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  1. Becky   •  

    Yes, I agree to zap them in the microwave prior to putting them in the oven. It works better. Very good product to create fun salads. Highly recommend.

  2. Lucy   •  

    These are wonderful. They are great for dinner parties. Everyone loves them and they make perfect gifts. Just place all the materials buffet style and give everyone a shell. It works great. You can also use these things to make mini pies with lemon or chocolate fillings and cinnamon crusted shells.

    Also you might want to experiment with different size tortillas. Check out the Hispanic section in various stores to find different sizes that fit your needs.

  3. Barb   •  

    I got these and absolutely love them. Order more sets. Since others shared tips, I’d leave my own.

    Do not be affraid to push the directions. My husband likes his a little burnt. I like mine less so (the perfect crispness). So your first two times making them write down your times in the oven and find the perfect crispyness for you.

    We all know that ovens are different. So try that.

    They are awesome. I used to go to this mexican store down the road for these bowls. Now I don’t have to. I can also make them cheaper than going to that store now. Not a little bit cheaper, but a lot cheaper. They are also a good conversation starter if you have friends. I can’t tell you how many people really enjoy these things and ask me about them.

    Good times.

  4. gh   •  

    What a nice quick way to make restaurant style taco salads, the bowls cook perfectly and stay in their shape until the last bite.

  5. Jordy   •  

    SO MUCH better than deep fried. I agree to soften the corn for flour tortillas in the microwave as it will conform to the mold better and come out a better shape. They are a huge hit when people find out I made them and they are not fried. Everyone that tries wants.

  6. ronnie simpson   •  

    DO NOT ORDER THESE!!!!! i was forced to give this company my credit card number before I could see any payment online. I checked to see what shipping would cost and the order was placed. I was charged $24.00 for shipping on these bowls. DO NOT ORDER THESE!!!!! PLEASE FIND ANOTHER WAY TO PURCHASE THESE BOWLS.

    • JLS   •  

      Um… you can get them at Wal-Mart for $10.88!

  7. elaine   •  

    Ordered one set of these and they claim they accidentally tripled my order. Didn’t even give me tye chance to verify the amount they were charging my acvount first. Been fighting wih them to get a refund, but
    now they want me to send them copies of my bank statement? I don’t think so, what a way to rip people off! Who would want 12 of these bowls? Be aware when ordering these.

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