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Fifty Dollar Buffalo Tribute Gold Coin Review:

The American Buffalo Tribute coin is one of the most popular tribute coins ever released. It is a tribute to the original 1913 Buffalo Gold Coin. For history buffs, it is the purest gold coin ever created. If you had an original; it would fetch you higher than $1,500.00 or more. However, your are not buying an original. And the Gold inside this particular coin is very little — but it does hold sentimental value.

There are a lot (and we mean a lot) of people who like to collect coins, show them off, and understand the history of a ‘tribute’ coin. If this is your motive–you will not be disappointed. It is a good replica of the original — and looks and feels impressive. Very few could tell it isn’t solid gold.

Where to Buy the Gold Coin:

You can buy the gold coin on their website – check for the bonus deal opportunity…

Fifty Dollar Buffalo Tribute Gold Coin Commercial:

Does It Really Work?

Like we said; it works in so far as it is for collecting–but is highly unlikely to gain significant value over time.

What Does Tribute Mean?

Tribute = Does not equal face value/replica.

But I heard that it was .999% pure?

In the infomercial they are describing the ORIGINAL and not the TRIBUTE. The original for which they are paying tribute with the coin is pure gold. The tribute is not.

But it is distributed by the mint?

It is a mint, but it is not the government’s mint. They only make replicas.

2012 $50 Buffalo Tribute Coin Value:

“With gold skyrocketing past $1,300 an ounce, price can only be guaranteed for 7 days.”

The total value of Gold in the tribute coin is estimated to be from $0.50 to $0.75. What they are saying is that with gold prices increasing; it will cost them more to produce the gold coin. However, with the very little gold in the coin — Gold would have to substantially increase in price before it does not make business sense to produce. Tricky at best.

Fifty Dollar Buffalo Tribute Gold Coin a Scam?

They are technically accurate in their commercial. However, someone that does not do the research could be fooled into thinking the coin has actual investment value. Our opinion is that it will not ever have any investment value. That being said; it does not mean someone will find value in these coins.

Fifty Dollar Buffalo Tribute Gold Coin Reviews:

Please post a review below about your experience(s) with the Fifty Dollar Bufflo Tribute Gold Coin. Please make your review detailed and useful by answering the following questions:

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  • Is this Fifty Dollar Bufflo Tribute Gold Coin really effective?
  • What are the pros and cons of this Fifty Dollar Bufflo Tribute Gold Coin?
  • Where Can I buy Fifty Dollar Bufflo Tribute Gold Coin in stores? which stores carry them?
  • Was shipping, handling and processing fee fair or was it too high?
  • How fast did the order arrive?
  • Did you get a chance to review your purchase before hitting the order button?
  • Did you receive the complete Fifty Dollar Bufflo Tribute Gold Coin kit as you were expecting?
  • Do you recommend this Fifty Dollar Bufflo Tribute Gold Coin to others?
  • Do you know a better alternative to Fifty Dollar Bufflo Tribute Gold Coin?
  • Are you satisfied with the customer service?
  • Do you think your information was sold to third-party?
  • Do you think Fifty Dollar Bufflo Tribute Gold Coin is a scam?
  • Do you think the Fifty Dollar Bufflo Tribute Gold Coin commercial is mis-leading?
  • Did you have to pay extra for other accessories?

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  1. Lizbeth   •  

    Certainly a scam and bait and switch, mixing up original with, as you rightly say, about 70 cents of gold … For 15 dollars given shipping.

    • Arianna   •  

      Alexia! I do have some coins but what are you looking for?” I have only a few, about 10 in all that I’d give away now that I’m rieertd I don’t do collecting of anything! Thanks for asking1 You keep collecting, one day may have something worth something you can use for the good of your family and you! Have a nice week! You can Email me if you wish some more details! Jimmy.

  2. Nancy   •  

    I bought these coins; they are big and are very pretty, I only paid about ten dollars each, that is fine, they are not real currency. And they have COPY stamped on them, I think they are worth the price, and yes they are gold plated, not gold coins.
    But the part that is really a rip off is when you order them on the phone, it gives you dozens of other coin options that sound like government currency and charge over one hundred dollars for each, they are offered so fast you have a hard time knowing what is offered to you.
    I would by the buffalo nickels but not the other offers

    • Steve   •  

      Actually I wouldn’t recommend buying these period, even if you think they are “pretty” they have ABSOLUTELY NO RESALE VALUE WHATSOEVER! No legitimate coin dealer will touch these things. At least if you bought ten dollars worth of real US 90% silver Washington Quarters minted in the 1940′s you’d have something that actually had resale value. These fakes are about as welcome in the coin collecting industry as the Ebola Virus. Not only that, but you are rewarding these scamsters when there are legitimate businesses out there who are much more deserving of that $10.

  3. John PM Chappell   •  

    Okay, just to correct and add:

    The original is not the purest gold coin ever minted, it’s simply the purest the USA government mint has ever minted and was made specifically to compete with other nations who routinely mint 24 carat gold coins.

    The gold price as of this moment is $1,750 per Troy ounce, at this price the 14 milligrammes of gold on this coin is worth just under 79 cents ($0.79) there has also been a version with 31 milligrammes (apparently to confuse those who might know that a Troy ounce is 31.1 grammes. Note: this is a thousand times more gold than advertized) which would be worth just over $1.74.

    It’s pretty clear this is basically deceptive advertizing, playing up on the truth of rising gold prices but exaggerating the importance of that fact and implying that this coin is worth a lot more than the price when it is really worth about a twentieth of the price. Furthermore it’s pretty obvious that the use of SI mass units is intended to prey on the general lack of knowledge, in the USA, of this scale. Coming from the UK originally I initially laughed out loud when I heard the advert but later was outraged as it occurred to me how many US citizens would likely be duped.

  4. Jason Fleck   •  

    Thank you John PM Chappell for the detailed info in regards to this coin. I have been seeing advertisements for this coins for weeks and it peeked my interest but something did not seem right about it. I am starting to get involved in coins as a new hobby and at first glance to someone without a great deal of knowledge these coins look like a great bargain. Finding this page when investigating assured that I would purchase coins from a now obvious scam to me. Whether this coin is pretty or not Nancy does not interest me when you say it has copy stamped on it. I find that to be worthless and would have been extremely disappointed had I purchased this coin only to get it home and realize it will never gain collector or any real value going forward. I know coin collecting is not necessarily about just long term value gain but come on, who wants to collect garbage. Thanks John

  5. John Rothwell   •  

    This ad has been playing on many cable networks for years and yet they say that the price can only be guaranteed for 7 days. Same price every time. It’s garbage plain and simple. I have a couple real buffalo’s that I got from the US Mint. They are the only outlet for this coin I would trust. They run about 2000.00 each now. I got my first one in 06 for a little over 800 and it has gained value enormously. If you want a investment quality coin, buy it from the US Mint. I have been collecting since 1966 and I have been taken a few times by magazine ads in Coin publications this is just another example of one of those ads.

  6. lacey   •  

    WHAT A CROCK! I just received my 2 coins i purchased and they are stamped copy and are not real! The commercial is a lie and you are mislead completely. I will be calling to return the coins and get a refund

  7. Diana   •  

    I ordered this a couple of days ago and just canceled my order because I did some research online and found out the worth is not something that will be of value at a later time. Not only did I succomb to the false advertising from the commercial, I was immediately angry from the call itself when ordering. It goes on talking about other offers and coins which was really a blur and I don’t even recall the other options of coinage but then when you said “No”, I was not interested, the voice would try to talk you into buying it anyways. Not one time or 2 times but 3 times after each coin offer. Ridiculous! Talk about presure!! I was so pissed off at the end of it all, I should have just hung up all together… I will NOT be recieving my coins! Thank Gawd!

  8. John   •  

    COMPLETE SCAM. The commercial is a ‘Bait-and-Switch’. Anything you hear in the commercial is about the ORIGINAL COIN MADE BY THE US MINT. They created a GOLD-PLATED KNOCK-OFF. Thank gawd US forces them to stamp copy on this forgery.


  9. sheila   •  

    They ate a rip off. Thamk god i only bought one and ordered it on computer, and caught there little trrick of trying to charge me for all other coins. I only lost 14.90 but still pisses me off

  10. sheila   •  

    They are a rip off. Thank god i only bought one and ordered it on computer, and caught there little trick of trying to charge me for all other coins. I only lost 14.90 but still pisses me off. WONT FALL FOR IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  11. upset hillbilly   •  

    I think it’s a shame at how they have you completely deceived as many of us as they have! They were talking about it on the radio and never said that they would have copy stamped on the side of and when I got my 4 I was pissed off something fierce! What is the worse part of the whole thing is that they talked me into buying 6 more coins for them and stupid me just said, “sure brother, let me give you all my credit card info for my other cards to so I can keep paying for your real gold”, the gold they keep! I swear, it’s got me madder than a rat chewing on a bone and found out it was a piece of chalk that was 24kt clad chicken bone meal! I was plum tickled to death til I discovered those braids of leather in that Indians hair was really the word copy…I bet you can get more gold from a cell phone than you can from one of these coins! O well, was broke and poor when I sent for them, and now that I got I’m broker and worth even less than before if that’s possible! They’re so deceiving I bet the devil is in on running the place. If we’d get God back in everything we wouldn’t have to worry bout getting ripped off buy people like that..Ah, law, God Bless Everybody and We’ll See Ye!

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