InstaHang Reviews

Insta Hang Pros/Cons?


  • Quick easy way to hang items
  • Leaves no mess
  • Pegs offer great support


  • No stud finder included
  • Must order refills
  • Does not work with cement walls or very hard wood

InstaHang Review:

First and foremost; I never really had issues with hanging pictures. I find hanging pictures pretty easy. So I was skeptical this product could be revolutionary before the review.

First, it really does replace your hammer, nails, wires and hanging hooks IF your walls are standard drywall.

Second, it is really is easy. Just place and push — and your done.

It does make life easier — it’s not messy. The Insta Hang system allows you to hang objects/items that are 10lbs and under on normal drywall. It doesn’t work well if your walls are cement or hard wood.

Now the main question you have to ask yourself: Do you need this product?

The answer is simple:

All you have to do to replicate this system is hang a nail at a 33° angle. If you do not mind using a hammer/nail to do this — you will do fine without the InstaHang. Do not bother buying.


The other alternative is to use the hooks provided by 3M’s Command Hanging Strips. These 3M strips claim to hang up to 16 lbs. Take a look at this graph (halfway down the page) to decide what sizes you need for specific projects. We recommend these if your walls are made of hard wood or cement.

The downside of the 3M Command Hanging Strips is that they are adhesive based. On some surfaces the hooks do not stick on a permanent basis.

If 3M Command will work for you, do not bother buying the InstaHang.


If you hate using a hammer to place a nail at a 33° angle — and you want something other than 3M’s Command Line of hanging stirps AND your walls are standard drywall; the InstaHang is for you.

Where to Buy InstaHang:

People have reported that by using some other websites they double your order automatically. In response, I found an independent place where you can buy the product as a standalone. This means you can order without the headaches other people have been complaining about: Order InstaHang Here to avoid headaches:

From the Infomercial:

InstaHang™ is the new revolutionary tool that will replace your hammer, nails, wire and hooks at home allowing you to save time and money. Designed with a peg dispenser that pops in pegs securely and lets you hang any object big or small in seconds! Decorate, remodel, organize and simplify your life in a flash without the damaging effects of a hammer and nails

InstaHang Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use – Just place flush against the wall, push and hang!
  • Effectively replaces hammer, nails, wire and hooks
  • Pegs leave only a tiny pinhole

InstaHang Commercial:

InstaHang, Does It Work?

Yes, it really works. See it work live on the VIEW TV SHOW:

Can I buy InstaHang in Stores?

At this time it is not available in stores.

InstaHang Reviews:

Please post a review below about your experience(s) with the InstaHang. Please make your review detailed and useful by answering the following questions:

  • Does InstaHang really work as advertised on the TV?
    Yes, it works.
  • Is this InstaHang really effective?
    Yes, it is effective at hanging pictures and other objects under 10 lbs.
  • Where Can I buy InstaHang in stores? which stores carry them?
    As of 12.24.2011, this product is not available in stores, only online.

Share your InstaHang experience with others below. Let fellow buyers know whether this product works or is it a scam – use the “Write a Review” form below to send your feedback.


  1. Barb   •  

    How well do these pegs work in drywall? Please advise before I buy.

    • seth   •  

      the pegs go in at an angle to give maximum support. it is designed not to destroy drywall. this is good because you’ll be able to keep your rent deposit.

  2. Doug   •  

    I absolutely love the INSTAHANG SYSTEM.

  3. Diane   •  

    I had the same experience as Paul – inadvertently ordering two kits, I called customer service immediately and was told it would take 24 – 48 hours for the order to show up. Only then could the order be cancelled. The rep said I could cancel the order myself by going to but there is no function available to cancel the order there. Customer service re-opens today and I am going to cancel the entire order. I don’t like the way these guys run the business and it’s crazy to pay more in shipping than the cost of the product. InstaHang will be out in the stores eventually.

  4. Shel   •  

    Do NOT order a scam. They automatically double your order & make you spend over $30 for this product. I knew I didn’t need 100 pieces. I called at first to just get one set. The operator computer #810 told me I could not do that I had to take the double order. So I said ok cancel the entire order. She said ok. I asked for confirmation she said there wasn’t any only thing she would give me is her computer number. About a week later guess what shows up on my bank statement… Instahang full charge!! I call they said they would not reverse because item shipped and there are no notes that I called and canceled.. That was the “supervisor” John speaking after the previous rep just told me he spoke with “Jennifer #810″ who remembered speaking with me when I called to cancel…. So the only thing John said he would do is accept package back and charge me shipping other than that I could keep it & he’d charge me half shipping. TERRIBLE customer service. I would not recommend dealing with them at all.

  5. Michael   •  

    What in teh world is this the shipping? MY gradnpa ask me to order it and now i have to pay 30 bucks WTF is this. BS

  6. Missy   •  

    Never order as seen on TV product THEY WILL SCAM you and you cannot get a refund at all. Even though they say money back guaranteed believe me it’s not. They get your credit card number and they can charge you whatever they feel like. You have practically no control over your credit card with them. That’s the reason why they don’t sell at the stores. Because if they did it would be too easy to get a refund. They want you to order it and be stuck with it. I don’t understand how they get away with this…there should be a law on this. Keep in mind do not order online wait till it gets in a store and most all stuff they advertised are a scam….if you can’t buy it in a store you can be sure it’s a scam.

    • Vicki   •  

      Missy, You are so right! I learned my lesson when I ordered the Snuggli’s. It cost me almost $200! I will NEVER order anything from an infomercial. When I see something I want to buy, I go to eBay and find it much cheaper there and ususally with FREE shipping! I will never get ripped off by these TV scams!

  7. Phenix   •  

    It says 14.95 plus 6.95 shipping and handling… it also says “free level/ruler tool, lust pay separate shipping and handling.
    So…. $30.85 (14.95 plus 7.95 plus 7.95) would be the cost of the advertized product on the commercial.

    • Lila   •  

      Phenix is right aboit the charges. That is what I was charged. I’m waiting on it to arrive and will see if order is as expected. Will post if it is different.

      • Lori   •  

        How was it? Worth the $?

  8. Ken H   •  

    Really horrible customer service.
    When I see the double charge, I called, and really rude woman would not cancel my order. Was New Year’s holiday wekend, so no answer for 4 days. Now Tuesday(1/3/12) call and all you get is an “all curcuits are busy” over and over again.
    Crap way to do business!!
    Ken H

  9. nightmare   •  

    Sound like a great product thanks for the reviews I will wait about a month and then I know it will be sold in Walmart or CVS or Ritaid I am sure

  10. ES   •  

    I ordered online. There was no way to review my order until I got an email. I, too, did not want the bonus offer but I was charged for P/H fees so my bill ended up to be $30 plus.
    They have a link to customer service but you really can’t reach them.

  11. admin   •     Author

    I have researched the matter.

    I found a place online that you can buy the product as a standalone without the bonuses and extra shipping:

    You can also review your order before you submit.

    We recommend you buy here to avoid any unnecessary shipping charges others have complained about.

  12. Patricia   •  

    I am from México city . Could You please let me know If im Able to buy it And pat for courier service.

    • Vicki   •  

      Don’t waste your money! It’s a scam!

  13. anne   •  

    does is work on plaster walls

  14. AB   •  

    I did the same thing as explained by one of the reviewers. It was too confusing when ordering by phone and I ordered two of the InstaHang
    and the cost is the same as indicated. It’s been hard getting hold of their customer service so I hope I can get a refund or can return the second one for no fee. This item better be all what the other reviewers are claiming!

  15. AB   •  

    P.S. to my previous statement. By the way, I never received an Email from them indicating they had gotten my order so I thought that it never went through which was fine as I had decided to not order it. However today I noticed today it was billed to my checking account!! From the reviews regarding other people’s problems with the customer service and double billing and shipping, I wish I could do something more about getting this commercial off the the TV!!!

  16. Justin   •  

    I could care less between using this product or using hammer and nails. The single thing that makes this product attractive to me is the relatively small hole that it leaves behind. The “pegs” as they call them are small and leave a hole that looks the size of a tack. My questions is, the reviewer says if you don’t mind using a hammer and nail then don’t buy the product…so what type of nail would be as small as these “pegs”, leave a hole the size of a tack, and hold the weight that the commercials suggest the instahang “pegs” can hold?

    • mark   •  

      Any finish nail — go to homedepot or lowes.

    • Joey   •  

      A straight pin or a needle, inserted at an angle, makes a nice hanger with limited hole size. Needles can be fairly strong but the angle is the trick.

  17. Edi Mendoza   •  

    I’m really upset with this product and I haven’t even received it!! I’m getting charged over $30 for shipping & handling the recording when I placed my order says I ordered 2 when I didn’t! Ive been calling customer service and they give me the run around giving me a tracking number that does not exist! I will return the item when it comes in… I was told by friends that bed bath and beyond has the same product for much less!!!

  18. cath   •  

    Would love to know if it works…

    BUT I ordered it on Dec 8 to give it to my husband as a Christmas present. It is now officially the end of the day, Jan 11 and all they can say is it’s on its way!!! Product satisfaction? Damn, at this point, who the F- cares?!?! I am completely dissatisfied!!

  19. Donald   •  

    DON’T buy it on line! it is a scam! The web site is designed to pull you through and make you confused. If you’re smart enough, follow along and make sure you just buy one!!! you might end up with two as a “Free Gift” Smoke and Mirrors!!! don’t be fooled!!!!!

  20. Jerry   •  

    I ordered the product, upon reviewing the confirmation, I found that my order was increase to two units, priced at about $25, but shipping and handling was about $32.00!
    I called, and cancelled the order with no hassle, except that the person I spoke to was obviously accustomed to receiving cancellations, since he was quite short with me, and immediately offered to cancel.

  21. Don   •  

    This device is more difficult to use than a hammer and nails. The most difficult part is determining where the device is going to install the peg. I used it for a short time and it took me 3 times longer to arrange a grouping of pictures that it does with a hammer and nails. Also, be advised that shipping and handling is almost much as the device.

    This is a ripoff.

  22. seymour   •  

    y dont you people contact BBB or your local state atty gen. offc and file a formal complaint. of course the company will close down and skip town and no one will find them and you’ll have to cancel your cards and file fraud complaints but thats the only way to snuff these scum bags out. pretty safe bet the names they give you arent real.

  23. Jessa   •  

    Don’t you guys read everything before you click yes! It CLEARLY explains the charges! $14.95 + 7.95 then the bonus offer you just pay 7.95 shipping and handling fee… At the end after you have confirmed is when they try to get you for more offers with the “fine print” ALWAYS READ !!!!!!

  24. Meig   •  

    A straight pin inserted at about a 35 degreeish angle will hold up to 10 pounds. I learned this at a home show 30 years ago and this method has never failed me. It might sound crazy, but it is true. And pins are dirt cheap. You don’t need a hammer, just push the pin in. If you want “pegs,” then peg thumb tacks work great, have used those too and just push them in. None of this will work on plaster; wires from crown molding is the tried and true method. You can use pins in the crown molding though … :-)

  25. IW   •  

    Disappointed — I purchased it after reading the positive reviews.

    When I hit the button hard enough to drive the nail in, the tool itself marked up the wall. The nails are little more than a push-pin. I used the tool 4 times, and 2 of the nail fell out soon after installing.

    Shipping took almost a month. I sent the thing back, we’ll se how they handle returned.

  26. Michele   •  

    ordered it for my mom (80 yrs young) wanting to hang pictures. used it the first time today. loading the pins (like loading a staple gun sort of) the plastic head broke off the spring that holds the pins in. tried 3 different pins and no matter how hard you hit the head it doesnt push the pin far enough out to get into the wall. piece of junk. called about sending it back for a “full refund” as the enclosed paperwork says. it actually means they refund the $14.99 but not the other $14.99 shipping and handling. so… they get the piece of junk back and they get to keep 15 bucks. quite the deal… FOR THEM. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME ON THIS, STICK TO THE OLD FASHION PICTURE HANGERS!

  27. Sue   •  

    I ordered this product and recieved it when promised. It is a neat idea but it is not as easy to use as it claims. If the place you want to hang something at is directly in front of you, it’s good. But if it is a little higher and you have to reach up at all you will have some difficulty hitting the head of the device hard enough for it to go in. At which point You will have to use a hammer to finish the job. I ended up using a rubber mallet to hit the head of the instahang to get it to work properly when hanging things higher than eye level, (I’m pretty short so I usually have to hang them a little higher than my eye level) so it sort of defeated the purpose of getting it in the first place. I never really have issues with the holes because I usually just use small nails and hammer them in at a slight angle and it leaves just a pinhole anyway. & for larger items I use the hercules hooks which work great. I have also had to go back to the good ole hammer and nail technique for many of my pictures anyway due to the fact that the instahang nails, which are sort of like a slanted tack really, have too large of a head and make the pictures stick out too far on the wall. Honestly, I feel like I wasted my money. I would suggest sticking to a hammer and nail. It’s a good Idea but not perfected enough yet!

  28. Sharon   •  

    I love this nifty little gadget. I have read numerous reviews of people going on and on about being scammed, but the product site clearly states the order will be $30.89. I ordered mine from Carol Wright since I saw no need to own two of the items and only had to pay $14.99 plus S&H for it. The problem I am now facing is trying to order refills for it.

  29. Sharon   •  

    You can purchase refills from the As Seen on TV website for $5.99 each.

  30. Jen   •  

    I Ordered one of these on Jan 1, 2012 and it is now Feb 9,2012 and I just called and asked them when I was getting my item since I was told that I would have it by Feb 8,2012 and I got told that I wont be getting it till Feb 28, 2012 and I am sorry but that is not right, the lady could only tell me that it was on Back Order and that she was sorry, I told her that they could at least express post it to me or something to compensate me for the longer wait and she was like Im sorry I cant do that, well for me that is not good customer service in anyway and they really need to look at their staff, and also do a better job of keeping track of their inventory. There should be no reason for someone to have to wait for 58 days to get one item in the mail.

  31. Bridget   •  

    Admin- Thanks for the link. I had found it on Amazon too for free shipping, but it’s more expensive there than the site you linked. I’m glad I looked here before I bought it.

  32. Greg   •  

    Well I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. This product sure seems like it would be a timesaver, or at least easy for my wife to use. But after reading these reviews, seems like the company is going to lose a hell of a lot of sales just on the basis of very poor customer service.
    Seems like driving a brad into the wall at a slight angle isnt such a bad tradeoff afterall.Not even going to bother ordering

  33. Antonio   •  

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. The full price is $30. When it came, I threw it in the trash. It is worthless and cheap.

  34. MF   •  

    Don’t waste your time with this product. I was hesitant to purchase online, but couldn’t find it in stores and I wanted to see if it worked. I went online and ordered directly from their site, paying with my credit card. I ended up paying over $30 for the product because they throw in “free” crap and make you pay a ridiculous amount in shipping. I also found that they sold my personal information, and now I’m getting spam calls on my cell phone. After over a week and it still hadn’t arrived, I received a call from them saying it was on its way, and that they were signing me up for some other program to get free coupons for a monthly fee!! I was very annoyed, and I kept telling multiple people I don’t want any other products, but they refused to cancel this mysterious subscription and they automatically billed me! I had to wait until I received a confirmation in the mail in order to call their number and cancel so they would reimburse me the $30 they billed to my card without my permission.
    Instahang finally came, in a lousy little box, no packaging, and the instructions consisted of a tiny piece of paper folded in half in the box that just had a picture of how to load it. I tried it out, took four attempts to get it to punch a nail in the wall (looks like a pushpin). And took several more tries to get another one, by then, the thing jammed and the palm of my hand was red and sore. Totally not worth the hassle. I will never use this product again, and I was severely disappointed with the customer service.

  35. Steve   •  

    This product does not work. I tried using it on a sheetrock wall. The brad would not penetrate the sheetrock and became jambed in the device. The bad is so flimsy that even trying to drive it into a wall with a hammer shattered the cheap plastic head. It is really a cheap piece of junk.

    • Gfhgddf   •  

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  36. joan   •  

    I bought the insta hang in the mall. worst product ever. it does not go through the wall if it is a plaster wall. it has to be a sheet rock wall. machine also jams. my advice: do not purchase.

  37. Fred   •  

    worst product ever….why would anyone want to buy this? just a waist of money…plus they try to sell you other stuff and you end up spending much more then you think!!!

  38. Beckie   •  

    HUGE RIP OFF!!! I did not order 2 sets, but was charged for two sets. What was origianlly 14.95 ended up on my credit card over 88.00!!!! They charge DOUBLE the price of the product for the shipping!!! How are they still in business??? My next letter with be with the Better Business Bureau!

  39. Barbara Cole   •  

    I saw the infomercial for the first time today and thought it really looked like a good product. I’m glad I read the reviews first. No way I’m going to get involved with that mess! Thanks for the headsup!

  40. Angie   •  

    This is a ripoff got charged to much for shipping 14.95 so they me for thr things that came with it this is the last time I order from you even have to pay for shipping to send it back they do not give a return postage

  41. Pinky   •  

    I ordered before christmas and never got billed for it then in 2/2012 got billed for $40. and some change I immediately called to cancle and since I never recieved the product asked for a refund. I have called and called and called I was told it would be refunded by 3/6/12. NOT so , I called back I was told that it should be her called back and then they said I would be getting a paper check that was distributed on 2/29/12. I still have not gotten a refund. SCAM, CROOKS, THEIVES. GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!!!!!!!

  42. Eric   •  

    I’ve had this instahang for 5 minutes and I’m already trying to return it. Very cheap tool (looks like it was made in a sweatshop) My first attempt to hang something and the peg gets stuck in the hole that its suppose to pop out of, (the hole is to small for the peg to fit through). I know because after I got the strip out, I put one in backwards and its physically impossible for it to fit through it. I finally bought one piece of crap infomercial item. And I will NEVER BUY ONE AGAIN!

  43. L. Skeff   •  

    REALLY CHEAP product. Mine didn’t work at all from the beginning. Jammed immediately. Fell apart. This is junk. $15 junk. Plus $15 junk shipping.

    RIP. OFF.
    BE WARNED, consumer friends.

  44. L. Hudson   •  

    The reason they charge such high S & H is that, in most or maybe all states, they are not required to refund S & H. This way they can say “100% money back guaranteed!” when that’s not really true. So the S & H subsidizes the low cost of the product. So the lesson is – wait until it’s in stores! Selling on TV is a legitimate marketing device. You just have to be very careful buying from these infomercials. In fact, if not enough product is sold, the item won’t end up at your local CVS!

  45. Pam Dooros   •  

    Product did NOT work as advertised. I returned the product & was refunded my price of $29.98, but not refunded shipping & handling charges of $31.98 (not to mention charges paid to return the merchandise). I would not recommend this product to anyone…stick with a hammer & a nail.

  46. Amanda   •  

    This is the worst product I could have spent money on and in being refused a refund I feel obligated to share how scandalous this product is. These thumb tacks are a sorry excuse for a supportive hanging system and for that matter the cheap poorly manufactured gun is no better. This product does not work. I am very disappointed in the product. I will continue to use a hammer and nails and will never resort to another ‘as seen on tv’ method such as this. Pure scam.

  47. TOM   •  


  48. candace mitchell   •  


    I was billed for 2 sets plus 2 extra packs of ‘nails’. I only ordered 1. I did not receive the level tool thing or anything else specified on their infomercial, nor on their website. Who can we report them to for shady business people?

  49. Karina   •  

    Love this system. Bought at Walmart!!! So easy to use and affordable. Love how it has storage right on the product so you don’t have to worry about losing the extra pieces. You can also get a refill kit at walmart too!! I’ve hung a bunch of picture frames and stuff and it is just the right size. I recommend to all my friends and family!! :)

  50. Steve Mitchell   •  

    What a load of crap this product is. $15.00 and it broke after I hung 1 picture. The spring is flimsy and will break twist or crink with the slightest pressure. It tries to be just a cheap Staple gun, but cannot even accomplish that. Bed Bath and Beyond should be ashamed. It leaves marks on your wall!!! what a load of crap.

  51. Kari   •  

    I can’t review how well it works yet because I haven’t dug up the pictures I want to hang, but I can tell you that we got it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond last night. It was $15 for what I call the “starter set” and we went ahead and got the refill kit for another $6. I did save the receipt in case it has to go back. I try to wait for any As Seen On TV or infomercial stuff to show up at Big Lots, CVS, Walgreen’s, or some other real store so I can save on shipping and returns on much easier if I remember to NOT throw away the receipt, lol.

  52. Steff   •  

    These reviews aren’t much about the product, but about the charges and shipping, can people just focus on the review of how well the product works? I’d appreciate it!

  53. Doug Lee   •  

    InstaHang doesn’t work any better than any other simple wall hangers from a hardware store. The pin is short, as is the protruding part for hanging. The instructions are inadequate (there are several hooks and bigger accesories but there is no instruction on what to do with them). The “storage” compartment for the extras is clumpsy to load. The packaging is not readily reusable once opened, which means you have to find a box to store all the bits. If you can manage to load the strip and store the bits and pieces in the storage compartment without bits flying everywhere, you are already a reasonable handyman (or handywoman), just buy the other commercial hangers in a hardware store. This is a total dud.

  54. Margie   •  

    …very disappointed with this item. It looks and feels flimsy. It left marks on my paintwork, the pin didn’t go in properly and I still had to use a hammer. The pin did not even penetrate soft wood. Very difficult to load… save your money folks.. :(
    I submitted a review to – they didn’t show it!

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