InstaHang Reviews

Insta Hang Pros/Cons?


  • Quick easy way to hang items
  • Leaves no mess
  • Pegs offer great support


  • No stud finder included
  • Must order refills
  • Does not work with cement walls or very hard wood

InstaHang Review:

First and foremost; I never really had issues with hanging pictures. I find hanging pictures pretty easy. So I was skeptical this product could be revolutionary before the review.

First, it really does replace your hammer, nails, wires and hanging hooks IF your walls are standard drywall.

Second, it is really is easy. Just place and push — and your done.

It does make life easier — it’s not messy. The Insta Hang system allows you to hang objects/items that are 10lbs and under on normal drywall. It doesn’t work well if your walls are cement or hard wood.

Now the main question you have to ask yourself: Do you need this product?

The answer is simple:

All you have to do to replicate this system is hang a nail at a 33° angle. If you do not mind using a hammer/nail to do this — you will do fine without the InstaHang. Do not bother buying.


The other alternative is to use the hooks provided by 3M’s Command Hanging Strips. These 3M strips claim to hang up to 16 lbs. Take a look at this graph (halfway down the page) to decide what sizes you need for specific projects. We recommend these if your walls are made of hard wood or cement.

The downside of the 3M Command Hanging Strips is that they are adhesive based. On some surfaces the hooks do not stick on a permanent basis.

If 3M Command will work for you, do not bother buying the InstaHang.


If you hate using a hammer to place a nail at a 33° angle — and you want something other than 3M’s Command Line of hanging stirps AND your walls are standard drywall; the InstaHang is for you.

Where to Buy InstaHang:

People have reported that by using some other websites they double your order automatically. In response, I found an independent place where you can buy the product as a standalone. This means you can order without the headaches other people have been complaining about: Order InstaHang Here to avoid headaches:

From the Infomercial:

InstaHang™ is the new revolutionary tool that will replace your hammer, nails, wire and hooks at home allowing you to save time and money. Designed with a peg dispenser that pops in pegs securely and lets you hang any object big or small in seconds! Decorate, remodel, organize and simplify your life in a flash without the damaging effects of a hammer and nails

InstaHang Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use – Just place flush against the wall, push and hang!
  • Effectively replaces hammer, nails, wire and hooks
  • Pegs leave only a tiny pinhole

InstaHang Commercial:

InstaHang, Does It Work?

Yes, it really works. See it work live on the VIEW TV SHOW:

Can I buy InstaHang in Stores?

At this time it is not available in stores.

InstaHang Reviews:

Please post a review below about your experience(s) with the InstaHang. Please make your review detailed and useful by answering the following questions:

  • Does InstaHang really work as advertised on the TV?
    Yes, it works.
  • Is this InstaHang really effective?
    Yes, it is effective at hanging pictures and other objects under 10 lbs.
  • Where Can I buy InstaHang in stores? which stores carry them?
    As of 12.24.2011, this product is not available in stores, only online.

Share your InstaHang experience with others below. Let fellow buyers know whether this product works or is it a scam – use the “Write a Review” form below to send your feedback.

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