How to Evaluate Infomercials That Claim You’ll Get Abs
Infomercials that focus on getting better abs are not created equal. There are definitely some products you should avoid. There are others that will help you. This guide helps you make a more informed decision.

Beware of Spot Reduction Claims
You should stay clear from infomercials that promise spot reduction. Spot reduction is the loss of fat in one specific area. According to experts, it is not possible to cut fat in a single area:

“Weight reduction occurs throughout the body, not in specific areas. ‘Spot reduction’ is not possible. Aerobic exercise helps burn calories and should be encouraged for weight reduction in general.” ¹

In addition to spot reduction claims, some infomercials try to scam you by promising a specific timeframe for ads. This is not possible as everyone is different. Do not buy an infomercial because they claim six-pack abs in under 30-days — it may not be possible for your unique situation.

Expert Work, Especially if You are Overweight
Infomercials that promise better abs may contribute to your overall health by increasing muscle mass near the abdominal.

Products can help in three ways: First, the increase muscle will make your body more efficient in burning fat and excess calories. Second, the more defined your abs become, the easier you can see them. Third, a stronger torso helps prevent back pain and increases correct posture.

However, if you are overweight, you’ll have to cut your fat to see well-defined abs. Therefore, you should fully expect a balanced diet and cardiovascular exercises before you notice progress. No standalone product can give abs on an overweight person overnight. However, better abdominal health (stronger torso) leads to better posture and helps fight back pain.² Only you can decide if a how fast a product will help do your specific goals.

Bottom Line — Is it Helpful?
A piece of equipment is helpful if it makes doing ab exercises more fun. In this case infomercial products may be a huge benefit for you because it increases the likelihood of your exercising. If you cannot see yourself sticking with a program that includes exercises and eating right, then stay clear from any ab infomercial — it will not work for you.

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