The automotive group of infomercials is broad. These infomercials contain products to help you with everyday maintenance, fixing dents or financing a car. However, the overall premise remains simple: These infomercial will claim to help you with some sort of problem you are facing as it relates to a car. Some do. Others don’t.

Beware of Car Loan Infomercials
There are many infomercials that claim to help you get financed for a loan, even if you have bad credit. You should never call these numbers. You can find all the information you need about buying a new car online, free. These type of infomercials just connect you with one dealer in your city.

The truth is most dealerships will finance people with bad credit or no credit. You may have to buy used. But they will find a way to get you financed. Your best bet is to call 3-4 dealers, explain your situation and compare interest rates and offers by the dealers. You pick the best offer. These infomercials will limit your ability to make dealers compete — and they usually just refer you to one dealer anyway.

Car Products
Most car maintenance infomercials help you keep a car clean, remove scratches or dents; or protect your car from criminals. As a rule of thumb, these products generally work as described for minor problems and issues such as dents or scratches. Cleaning products generally work, but don’t expect miracles.

For example, dent removal products tend to work with smaller dents. The larger the dent the more difficult it is for these products to work as advertised.

Fuel Savers
You should also ignore infomercials that promise to save gas; or allow your car to run on anything but gas. These have been proven categorically false.

“During those tests, we splice a fuel meter into the line, run them through very strict tests, so we really get to know whether these things work or they don’t,” says David Champion, director of automobile testing. “We tested it on two cars, [it] made no difference at all.”¹

US Patents and Scientific Terminology
Also, do not get caught up in US Patents or unrecognizable scientific terminology. Companies like to throw huge words into their infomercial to try to impress a crowd. This is because if we don’t understand it, and it is scientific, it must be correct. This isn’t always so.

Bottom Line – Do They Really Work?

Many of the car products tested work. Some not as well as others. You’ll have to pay attention to reviews. There are some products you should always avoid. These include car loan products and products that promise to help you avoid paying for gas. Other than that the automotive products are some of the best products on the as-seen-on-tv market.

As Seen On TV Products