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Bed & Bath Infomercials As Seen on TV
Product to help you sleep or relax in the bathroom focus on our desire for leisure and relaxation. In fact our bodies are wired psychologically to seek after these things. For this reason bed and bath products are huge on late night TV. There are a few pointers you should consider:

Shipping & Handling
Sometimes bed and bath products can be rather large to ship. Other times not so much. However, you should be aware of the shipping costs. Some infomercials like to advertise a certain amount for shipping. What they don’t tell you is that you must pay per item shipped. If you get a bonus item; they will charge you double the cost for shipping. Pay attention to this detail.

Doesn’t Work as Advertised
As a general rule we tell people for bed and bath products: If it seems to good to be true; it probably is. If you hear words like miraculous… or cure… you should definitely think twice before purchasing the product. The best tip is to wait 10 minutes before you buy and then make a decision. If it still sounds like a good idea, try it.

Sense of Urgency
With all tangible products, companies will claim they have limited stock and you must order within the next hour to secure your order. This is almost always false. While it is true that there may be limited stock for items that help you sleep or relax; common sense dictates that if there is a demand, they will always find a way to keep the product in stock. Don’t buy because you feel like you are going to miss out on the next bedtime product. Rather, buy because you think the product will help you or make your life easier.

Make Sure You Really Need the Product

Please make sure you need the product before you buy. You may not be responding to your need, rather to a spurt of dopamine. “Infomercials are designed to spur immediate purchasing by increasing dopamine levels in consumers’ brains — giving them a small, pleasurable thrill — as they watch clever solutions to problems they didn’t even know they had, according to Martin Lindstrom.”

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