Bedding & Blankets


Bedding & Blankets
It’s hard not to have interest in a product that claims to help you sleep better or stay warmer. In fact one of the most popular infomercials of all time, the snuggie, does the latter. As a general rule, there are relatively few complaints about bed and blankets themselves. Rather, where we see most complaints are in the ordering process.

Before you order online or by phone; please check the return policy. There are many companies that will not refund the shipping and handling if you return a product. You are left holding this charge.
You may be double charged for shipping. You buy a blanket and find out you get a bonus blanket. What they don’t tell you upfront is that you have to pay the double the shipping and handling. Find out the total cost to your credit card before you order.

In the bed and blanket section as with other household goods, you may be able to buy that irresistible product in stores. That way you don’t have to worry about shipping and return issues if you buy directly in stores. Often times they are found in big chain drug stores.

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