Blenders & Juicers


Blenders & Juicers
Blenders and juicers tend to sell us on saving time and money while being healthy. Their claims often revolve around how easy it is to get all the nutrition you need as quick & cheap as possible. In addition, a common theme is to offer a guarantee.

As with any product you buy, you should read the fine print. Often on infomercials they will offer a money back guarantee or warranty. However, this may be conditional or only apply to a specific part of the blender/juicer.

For example, the warranty may only cover the motor. If the blades break, you are out of luck. In addition, the satisfaction guarantee may need you to use the product for a full 30-days and log your results before the claim becomes processable. Just read the fine print to be safe.

Blender/Juicer Claims
You should also stay clear of juicers that make outrageous health claims. While a juicer may aid in a healthy lifestyle, stay clear from claims that it will make you lose weight or have clear skin. These types of results are not achievable by drinking juice alone. While this is common sense, you may be surprised by how many people fall for such claims. You should have realistic expectations of the claims offered.

We recommend buying juicers/blenders that leave as much pulp in the mix as possible. This is because recent studies have confirmed that in some vegetables, the pulp has vital minerals for your health. Other than that, juicing is a very popular way to get your vitamins and nutrients quick and easy.

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