We are all wired to seek leisure and enjoyment. That may be why ‘miracle’ infomercial products exists to help with cleaning and other chores. Infomercials will try to sell you on the fact their cleaning products somehow make cleaning fun and easy. The truth of the matter is very few people actually enjoy cleaning. They will hire a video product team and show the old way of cleaning in black in white; when you use their product the infomercial is suddenly in color.

That brings us to the first point:

Avoid Miraculous Claims
If an infomercial makes claims about cleaning that are too good to be true — it is. (Although the Roomba iRobot comes close). Cleaning still requires an effort.
For the most part, many of the cleaning infomercials could be purchased in retail stores. Take OxyClean, you can now buy it at any big box retailer.
Often times mops and brooms portrayed on infomercials are made with flimsy products and break quickly. You should check reviews online to verify the product is made with quality materials and can withstand the rigors of cleaning.

Complex Terminology in Cleaning Infomercials
If they use complex terminology and say it’s the latest in chemistry — don’t be too impressed. Many times they are just recycling already established scientific terms. Our brains often associate things we don’t understand as something extraordinary. Infomercial producers know this, and use it to their advantage. In addition, just because a cleaning product has a patent does not mean the federal government gives this product special treatment — and people can get a patent for just about anything.

Ignore Money Back Guarantees
While there are many legitimate companies that sell cleaning products, the fact remains soaps are easy to produce. Many times these cleaning products are pitched by turnkey companies that will not be in business if the infomercial flops. Therefore, don’t let money back guarantees sway you in the direction of buying. History tells us that obtaining a money back guarantee is not very reliable.

If It Truly Works, It Will Be In Stores
The goal of a cleaning infomercial product is to garner enough mainstream branding so that they can easily sell in retail stores like Wal-Mart. In other words, the infomercial is a testing vehicle to become mainstream. OxyClean and Orange Glo represent success stories. This means that if a cleaner works really well, it will eventually wind up in stores.

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