Cooking infomercials capitalize on our want to cook faster and healthier — or fill a genuine need in the kitchen. The most popular include the George Foreman grille, Showtime™ Professional Rotisserie Deluxe and the Foodsaver Food Vacuum Packaging Machine.¹

1. Determine If The Need Exists
When considering buying a cooking infomercial product, first decide that you actually have a need for the product. For example, if hate leftovers, you will not likely need the Foodsaver Food Vacuum. But if you buy a lot of rotisserie chickens at the grocery store, chances are you will benefit from the Showtime™ Professional Rotisserie Deluxe.

2. Separate and Identify Value from Mere Hype
This is the part where you take a step back and check if the product’s claims are substantiated. You can do this by asking yourself if the products claims are truly possible. You can also read reviews online or ask a friend how believable the product’s claims are. Once you thought rationally and logically about a cooking item, you’ll be better suited to make an educated purchase.

Often times cooking products contain movable or mechanical parts. You’ll want to make sure that the product is made from quality materials and is backed by some type of guarantee. Generally, the cooking products are most costly to developed and are backed by a more reputable company. Therefore, cooking product guarantees are more reliable than other infomercial products.

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