A very popular segment of infomercials deals with education and learning. This includes tools to aid rising kids to greater academic success. In addition, adults find fascinating tools that help people concentrate better, read faster or expand their memory.

Unproven Scientific Studies
You’ll want to research the scientific studies. In the past some marketers have cited studies falsely. “In 1998, Trudeau paid the FTC $500,000 for citing unproven scientific studies when selling his Mega Memory System.”¹

In addition, it’s popular to use scientific terms heavily in this area. The logic goes like this: If they use terms you don’t understand, you’ll likely feel the scientific term is trustworthy. You just don’t understand it, yet. Because it has the look and feel of science, it comes across as based on fact. 

There is a sense of trust from an association, even though it may not be a legitimate link.
Unfortunately, you’ll have to research all the studies they cite and find out if it applies to their program. We also recommend reading reviews to gain a full understanding. We also recommend not to trust testimonials in this category, because they are extremely difficult to prove.

Making Learning Fun
There are many learning games and tactics for sale that are well worth the price. These items generally do not fall under the ‘secrets educated people don’t want you to learn.’ These products are very straightforward on what they do and what value they bring to the aspiring learner.