One of the biggest complaints about gadgets and electronics sold via infomercials is that they didn’t live up the hype. This is particularly true because the positives are accentuated and the negatives are downplayed. In addition, producers know that higher priced items are a difficult sell for infomercials. They are under constant pressure to keep prices down. This sometimes, but not always, includes using cheap materials.

This biggest weapon for consumers is to check reviews. Often this feedback is invaluable to decide if certain products actually work. In addition, if you find many people are reporting flimsy products, this should be a red flag to ignore the product. Keep in mind, there are flaws with just about every product. So a few bad reviews here does not necessarily mean the product does not work as advertised. Furthermore, with electronics, there could be some instances were the product would work for you, but not with other people (cell phone accessories that require a specific carrier).

Wait for Stores
Gadgets and electronics find their way to the stores very quickly. If you can stand waiting for the product — you may find it in the stores for cheaper. This way you can actually see the product before buying.

Shipping & Returns
As in with most other products, you’ll want to read the fine print before you buy. Pay special attention to returns if you have a faulty product. Often times you’ll have to pay shipping for the return or exchanges.