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How to Evaluate Exercise/Workout Infomercials
Hands down, exercises and workout infomercials dominate the market. They range from workout videos like P90X to machines like the Bowflex. People are interested in them because they think products change who you are. It’s a pleasant fiction — order this one exercises product and you’ll suddenly be a fitness guru losing pounds each and every day. No product is going to force you to workout. However, there are some that will help you make everyday fitness more enjoyable and even fun. Below are some claims you should ignore and some tips so that your infomercial purchase is more enjoyable.

Impossible Claims
There are certain health and wellness facts that you should remember when watching an infomercial. If anything is said contrary to these facts, you should ignore the claim.

Fact 1: You can only lose 1-2 pounds a week. Please ignore claims that you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days.

Fact 2: You cannot lose fat in one specific area. Weight loss occurs throughout the entire body.

Fact 3: Weight loss happens when you consume less fuel than you need or burn more fuel than you have. Therefore your diet and exercise are huge components. Ignore claims that say one particular product is all you need.

Bottom Line
It isn’t to say that all infomercial products are scams. The bottom line is this: If the product will help you eat healthy; or help you burn more calories, it may be worth it. If an infomercial makes exercise fun, you’ll likely benefit because you have a greater chance of burning more calories. However, if you do not see yourself performing the necessary work each and every day — it’s unlikely any infomercial will work and it will collect dust.

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