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Gold Coin Infomercial Scam

There are ample dishonest firms that use flattery and cunning marketing tricks to get you to buy gold. Here we address some of the common tricks so you can make a more informed purchase. In a rocky economy more people consider gold as part of their investment portfolio. High pressure sales floors and other murky organizations have identified this demand and are trying to sell you products that are not worth their purported value.
Avoid High Pressure Situations
If you find yourself in a high pressure situation — having to make a decision quick or you’ll miss an important deadline of any kind — do not do business with that company. It a simple rule of thumb.
Bait and Switch
A big scam with gold is you call to order gold bullion; but the operator will try to sell you collectors or collector coins. They will tell you they will hold their value longer. However, you may pay extra prices per ounce for such decorative measures — and in most cases such designs are not worth the extra price. Do not buy designer or collector coins for investment purposes. Stick with gold bullion.
Some people will say you need to buy rare or collector edition coins because they probably will not get confiscated by the government. They will cite history. And it is true the government, in the past confiscated gold. However they forget that we have left the gold standard. Governments can now freely print money and have no need for confiscation.
Buy bullion. Common bullion coins that you should look for are: American Gold EagleAmerican Silver EagleCanadian Gold Maple Lead, and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.
As a general rule, most infomercials on gold do not sell investment quality coins/bullion. In addition, even if they say ‘investment grade’ it may not be the case. Exercise extreme caution. This guide is more detailed summary.

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