Grilling & Cookers
Higher priced grills do not always mean a better grill. In fact, many cheaper grills and cookers make sense for what you need. Before you purchase from an infomercial, make sure you decide what your cooking needs are. This includes what types of food you’d most likely cook as well as for how many people.

Basic Qualities – What Should You Look For
The grill you purchase should meet the following properties:
  • Food does not stick — make sure the grill you purchase has some sort of non-stick surface.
  • Make sure the grill/cooker has some sort of cover — this will prevent splats and keep hot air in to speed the cooking time.
  • Make sure it has some sort of drain (think George Foreman Grill) if you are trying to eat healthier.
Wait for Stores
If you are not sure about the quality of the product, grills have a greater chance of making it to the store — especially if they are popular. Just wait a while for it to arrive at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond or Wallgreens or CVS.

Shipping & Returns
Make sure you read the fine print. We consistently tell people to do this because your return may not be unconditional. Also, you are likely to pay for all shipping charges should you return the product. Before you buy, find out.

Upsells & Bonus
Often time bonus accessories will come with the grill. While these bonus may be free, you are likely to pay separate shipping and handling charges for each bonus.


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