There are several different sub segments of hair products. There are products that help you style your hair. There are also other products that prevent or treat hair loss.
For products to style your hair: Generally the products work as advertised. These types of products work for the majority of people. You should consult reviews if your hair type is unique.

Hair loss products: There are many products with false or misleading claims. This is because billions are spent each year on these products. Often times they will advertise: “thicker and fuller hair” — this may not help your problem.  We urge you to verify claims and to review all options if you have issues with hair loss.

Common Tactics
While false and misleading hair claims are the major thing to watch out for; you should also be wary of big words. Often times infomercials will use scientific sounding words to imply their product is based on research and fact. They may also bring in experts or have the spokesperson wear a lab coat. These items in an infomercial should not sway you one way or the other.

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