Health infomercials are some of the worst false and misleading claim offenders. This is because it is relatively easy and cheap to produce health supplements. And for many health issues the consumer is in need. (If you are ordering a tangible good other than supplements, your risks are substantially less).

False & Misleading Health Claims
The majority of supplements will try to get you to believe their pill will help fight any ailment. They will use a variety of tactics to instill trust: Use actors that play doctors, scientist other trusted professional. They may claim celebrity endorsement or use scientific terms that sound impressive. None of these tactics should be the last determiner of your purchase intention. Rather, you should make a decision by finding out their ingredients and verifying using independent studies; and/or talking with your doctor.

Do You Really Need More Supplements
In addition to general research, ask yourself if you really need the supplement or product promoted. Often time you’ll find you don’t really need the product.

Upsell & More
For health offers the infomercial will try to sell you on a product. When you call or visit their website they may try to recommend other products that they claim are relevant. These products are often more expensive. In addition, they may offer several bonuses such as free reports. The catch? You have to pay extra shipping and processing charges.

Bottom Line
Please take the time to independently verity all aspects of claims made from infomercials. This includes reading reviews, examining ingredients and learning about any ailments the product claims to help fight.

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