Kids & Toys


Kids & Toys
Kids and toys infomercials are not necessarily produced for adults, but for kids. They often hope that kids will watch an infomercial and ask their parents to buy. So if your reading this, you are probably watching a kids/toys infomercial at your child’s request. That being said, you kid may not understand that everything that is said on television is not 100% correct.
Depending on your family, this may be a teachable moment: Trust people, but verify.

But the risk of ordering something that doesn’t really work as advertised, many infomercials will claim the toys are not sold in stores. While this may be true at the moment, many of the toys promoted on infomercials end up in drug stores or area malls — and for cheaper.
If you wait for it to come to stores; you’ll likely avoid any shipping and billing issues. We have chronicled various tricks on our website. These include offering bonuses for a high shipping/handling fee, or very restrictive return policies.